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What You Need to Know About Why Most Agents Don’t Make It

Going that extra mile is really a big deal in this industry. Research shows that most agents don’t make it in today’s market. This can be attributed to different variables like the economy…

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What You Need to Know About Why Most Agents Don’t Make It


Study Shows Real Estate Professionals Spend 20+ Hours a Week on Lead Follow-Up

Agent Legend recently conducted an extensive industry-wide State of Leads survey.

How to Write a Perfect Lead Follow-Up Text Message

Have you ever dreaded picking up the phone to reconnect with an old real estate lead? According to our State of Leads Survey, a lot of realtors and mortgage agents struggle to find the time...

Why Lead Generation Alone Isn’t Enough to Succeed

When it comes to driving success for your real estate business, chances are lead generation is something you spend a lot of time and money on. It is important. Essential even. However, it...

How Authentic Communication Will Help You Make More Sales

Authentic communication can make or break a real estate deal. Do you receive sales calls and emails daily? Think about the ones that stand out to you. What about the ones you actually...

How and When to Re-engage Old Leads

If you have been in the real estate business for awhile, it is likely you have a list of old leads stored somewhere on your computer. It’s time to dig those old leads out and put them to...

Don’t Be Afraid to Reinvent Yourself

At Agent Legend, we’ve spent a lot of time with some of the brightest, most successful, leaders inside and outside of our industry. These legends have made it through some of the hardest of...

How to Have a Strong Real Estate Business in Any Economy

With social distancing and shelter in place, the traditional face-to-face business of being a real estate agent has changed dramatically in the early months of 2020. However, this is still...

Picking the Right Real Estate Tools to Build Your Business

As a real estate or mortgage professional, you know lead generation and lead followup are both important. When you first start out in real estate keeping up with these things might be...

Finding Real Estate and Mortgage Leads in 2020

You have to start somewhere when you are new in real estate. Building your business with long-term goals in mind is essential. It is the difference between getting by for a few years, or...

Share Agent Legend With a Friend and Get Paid!

We are honored to help our customers close more deals and simplify their life.

Introducing the NEW Agent Legend Mobile App

We’re feeling good this fall, rolling out a new interface, improved template library, and now a round of updates to our mobile app that makes calling, texting, and tracking your leads’...

(Insider’s Tip) How To Master Your Followup Sequence – Introducing Agent Legend “Leads”

How do you master your followup sequence? You engaged the lead—now what? As we all know, the first conversation is just that—the first conversation.

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