As a real estate or mortgage professional, you know lead generation and lead followup are both important. When you first start out in real estate keeping up with these things might be easier. As your business grows however your time inevitably gets divided and dwindles. Choosing the right real estate tools can help you track and stay in touch with leads without sacrificing any time. 

Choosing Real Estate Tools That Work For You

Reinvesting in yourself with the appropriate tools will allow you to turn up the faucet on leads, and to turn it down, as needed. This gives you control in managing your time and resources efficiently. Optimization is key, and we are here to help.

With Agent Legend you can directly integrate the real estate software, CRMs, and lead generation tools that you already enjoy working with. After you integrate these real estate tools with Agent Legend, you will be able to more easily hone in on the leads that are most viable from the get go. With automated and customized follow up messaging, including voicemails, text messages, and emails, you will have complete control and more time for focusing on building your business. Ultimately you will spend less time synchronizing, thinking about, and monitoring leads, and more time closing deals.

Check out the Agent Legend demo, here. 

Learn more about choosing the right real estate tools with Agent Legend CEO, Costas Peppas

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