If you have been in the real estate business for awhile, it is likely you have a list of old leads stored somewhere on your computer. It’s time to dig those old leads out and put them to use. There are different times to re-engage old leads, and a variety of ways that you can go about doing it. Strategizing makes it easy to customize the process to match your style, making the re-engagement authentic and increasing the probability that the effort will pay off exponentially.

When to Re-Engage Old Leads

To determine when you should follow up with old leads, you first need to sort them. Then consider the reason you are contacting them through the lens of what you currently have to offer them to further  narrow down how often and when precisely to reach out.

Sort Your Old Leads

Organizing your old leads into categories can help you determine when and how to best re-engage with them. You can do this in many ways, depending on what works best for you. They could be narrowed down into friend and family, community members, former clients, leads generated through different CRMs who you haven’t reached out to yet, old leads that you reached out to and heard back from but did not work with, and leads you reached out to and did not hear back from. Sort them in a way that makes sense for you.  

Have a Why

In an effort to keep your message to old leads concise and to the point, it helps to know what your “why” is before you create a campaign. The why can be specific to each of the groups that you broke your leads down into, or can be an overarching offering or service that you can extend to them all. It works best if the why is service oriented. Think about new listings or projects you are working on that might interest specific leads, or new markets that you are branching out into that could potentially pique the interest of any lead. 

Consider the Timing

You want to get in front of a lead early on, when they are in the learning phase of the process. The sooner they know about you, the more likely they will be to contact you for help when the right time rolls around to buy or sell. This means it is essential to strike a balance between reaching out too old leads enough but not too much.

Consistency is key. The groups you already sorted the old leads into can help a lot here. Think about contacting lead groups more frequently the more interested they are. For example, you might choose to contact create a follow up once a week with leads who have reached out to you, while that might only be once a month for leads who reached out but you never heard back from. Or you might send out a message every three months to former clients, friends and family, and leads you haven’t heard from at all, just to stay accessible and available to them without it being too much.

How to Re-Engage Old Leads

Now you have sorted the leads, narrowed down a why, and considered your timing. It’s time to move on to creating and scheduling your follow up messaging with those things in mind.

Choose a Method

Voicemails, emails, and text messages are easy ways to re-engage old leads. You could use all three methods, use different methods for each group, or even further break down the groups you created previously based on how you know those leads prefer to be contacted. Whatever you decide, stay true to your style as a real estate agent. If leaving a voicemail isn’t something you would ever typically do, then forgo that entirely and stick to the ways that you typically communicate. And if you want to keep things really simple, just choose one that you are most comfortable with and start there. These methods also work if you want to re-engage cold leads.

Create a Campaign to Re-engage Old Leads

You’re now ready to create a campaign. This could be an ongoing effort or something that lasts for a few days based on a new offering you are trying to let old leads know about. Agent Legend makes it fast and easy to set up campaigns by allowing you to upload all of your leads, and then create and schedule messages and responses to those leads. Using Agent Legend to run these re-engagement campaigns allows you to stay in touch with all of your leads, while saving a lot of time to close more frequently.

Learn more about using Agent Legend to re-engage old leads by checking out the demo here. 

Customize Messaging

Now that you know what your campaign looks like it’s time to create the messaging you will be sending out. Stay concise, don’t make the message too long. Let them know why you are calling right away and how they can contact you if they are interested. Keep things short and professional, but be sure to sound like you. Don’t over do it. Write a text, email, or record a voicemail the way that you typically would.

If you can be specific based on the group you are contacting, even better. You might mention that this person followed up with you once or that you remember working with them in the past. Agent Legend allows you too easily insert videos or emojis into your messages as well. You can learn more tips and tricks for customizing messages watching our interview with Charles Robbins. 

More than anything else, remember that consistency and authenticity are key to running successful campaigns to re-engage old leads. This doesn’t have to take up all of your time thanks to Agent Legend.

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