Even new realtors know how important leads are to creating a long-lasting business. It is even more essential to follow-up with leads, generating them alone is not enough. As a new realtor, you might be wondering when should you follow up. No one wants to contact leads so much that they become a nuisance. You also have to follow-up with leads enough to stay on their radar. The when is a big deal.

According to real estate professional Tom Ferry, the follow-up is where the money is.

You have to find a balance. As always, at Agent Legend, we are here to make this easy and effective for you and your business. Our campaigns make are easy to set up, allowing you to create and schedule automatic, and completely authentic, messaging to leads so you are sure to stay connected and save time doing it.

You Should Follow-Up with Leads When: 

1. You First Receive a New Lead

You should always follow-up soon after receiving a lead’s information. Whether you got that lead through Zillow or as a referral from a friend, you don’t want to wait. If you wait too long, they might be contacted by another agent or broker and that will be a wasted opportunity.

Agent Legend’s automated pre-made voicemail, text, and email messages are sent within a time frame that you pre-select. This ensures that a message is always sent to new leads quickly. Even if you are busy doing something else, you’ll never miss the chance to be the first to follow-up with a new lead again.

2. There is Something New

When you have new houses on the market, or a new service you are offering, send your leads and connections a follow-up message. Always. You never know who’s interest you might catch this way. And if they don’t know about your new offerings and services, they aren’t going to if you don’t share it with them.

3. Seasons Change

Humans naturally move through cycles in life that are largely dictated by the seasons and changing weather. This is a great way to track and create new follow-up messaging to leads as well.  Every three months or so, send out a general check-in message. Each lead’s mindset is likely shifting at this time, and that might very well include new momentum on the home buying and selling front. It also leaves enough room between follow-ups that your messages won’t become too invasive if you don’t have any other specific information to share.

4. You Know a Lead has a Specific Level of Interest

It’s always a good idea to sort your leads over time based on your interactions with them. Never throw out leads. Keep those old lists. If a lead doesn’t engage right away, that is often an indicated that their home buying or selling plans perhaps got put on the back burner. You’ll want to stay in touch. Maybe they did reach out and gave you an idea as to what their plans were– you can sort them according to that as well. 

The point is, knowing a lead’s plans or categorizing them in terms of level of engagement gives you a specific reason to contact them. If you know a lead is getting ready, set up a campaign and contact them once a week for a few months. If a lead didn’t get back to you at first, follow up with them seasonally. If a lead on the other hand says they are thinking about making a move, follow-up with them once a months. You can tailor your automated follow-ups through Agent Legend according to the needs of your leads.

Organization and consistency are how you get the when just right. 

Never lose money because of lead-follow up issues again. Create campaigns to stay connected and follow-up with leads regularly. 

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