You have to start somewhere when you are new in real estate. Building your business with long-term goals in mind is essential. It is the difference between getting by for a few years, or progressively growing your business to the point it thrives on its own for years to come.

If you are new, or looking to really grow your real estate business with an eye on the future, you need to generate quality leads. So, where are others finding those quality real estate and mortgage leads in 2022?

Finding Real Estate and Mortgage Leads Online

According to the recent State of Leads survey that we conducted, purchasing leads and marketing were just about neck and neck in terms of quality lead generation. Both of these strategies are important, and both are easily done online with some strategy and planning.

Our survey also revealed that most agents spend between $500 and $3000 a year on buying leads and advertising. This number also tends to increase year after year. Whatever your current budget is, we will help you spend that money wisely and make sure those leads count.

Where to Buy Leads in 2022

Our survey revealed that Zillow is the number one resource for purchasing leads right now. Many others also use, Bold Leads, RedX, Inbox Real Estate Leads, Trulia, and Boomtown.

If you are looking for more leads, fast, then purchasing is a good option. Just keep in mind it isn’t a long-term solution. You need to convert those leads into sales. We first recommend setting a budget for yourself from the get-go. This will motivate you to really hone in on results and focus on converting the leads that you do receive, which is the essential component here.

Increasing Real Estate Lead Responses

Meet the Legends: How to Increase Real Estate Lead Responses with Charles Robbins

Don't just buy leads, make sure that they are getting converted into sales with tips from real estate coach Charles Robbins.

Agent Legend can help you import leads from anywhere you buy them from, and then automate the follow-up process to engage with leads and increase your response rate. This will make finding real estate and mortgage leads worth the time and money spent. You don’t want to generate leads that don’t turn into closed deals, right? Right. So follow-up and conversion are essential if you purchase leads.

Advertising Your Real Estate Business in 2022

Putting effort and value into your community online will have a huge payoff down the road. An online presence will save you time and have a farther reach than in-person marketing and advertising do. Though those are still important, we recommend ads and content marketing as an important means to reach potential leads.

Facebook and Google ads are a great way to get in front of potential buyers and sellers in today’s real estate market. We advise setting a budget here early on as well. These ads are great because they allow you to get really specific about the market you are trying to reach.

Creating a blog or website and maintaining a presence on social media is an option that is cheaper monetarily, but does require more time. Establishing yourself as an expert and putting out related content that your community finds useful is a form of advertising that will, with time, give back more than you put into it. It is personal and you can utilize it for years. Best of all, it is sure to attract customers all on its own. Well worth the effort in our opinion.

Maintaining Your Sphere of Influence

Maintaining Your Sphere of Influence in Real Estate

A sphere of influence in real estate is essential to finding long-term success in the business.

Is your current lead generation process optimized? 

With Agent Legend you can easily stay connected with leads and former clients. Our software allows you to personalize messages, create campaigns, and most importantly save time while making closing more deals. 



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