Agent Legend recently conducted an extensive industry-wide State of Leads survey.

One of the most important things we learned from the results is that most real estate professionals spend way too much time on lead follow-up.

Our survey also reveled that the average lead response rate in the industry is less than 40%. That’s not enough to warrant the amount of time most real estate professionals are currently spending on lead follow-up.

Save Time on Lead Follow-Up with Agent Legend

Agent Legend is, in a lot of ways, the ultimate real estate time management tool. You can import all of your leads from just about any CRM that you might already be using, and start creating campaigns to engage new and old leads right away.

What if we told you that you can save time and increase your follow-up productivity? Well, you can. With Agent Legend, you will reduce the time you spend following up with leads, while at the same time closing more deals. This might sound impossible, but you can actually have it both ways. It’s simple too. This is how it works:

1. Create a Campaign

Don’t just follow up with your leads in real time as you receive them. This is where most of your time is lost. Creating a campaign with Agent Legend allows you to message your leads with an offering that speaks directly to their specific needs, automatically. This is so much better than a general, ambiguous message. A strategic campaign will ensure that your lead follow-ups don’t feel like boring sales pitches, which drastically increases the probability that they will respond. Agent Legend makes it fast and simple to create an automated campaign.

2. Create the Lead Follow-up Messaging Once

When you create a campaign in Agent Legend, you write and record the lead follow-up messages once. This is an effective way to manage your time. You write, record, and schedule messages all in one go (updating them every few months) instead of recreating a message every single time you hear from an individual lead. This will save you hours every week.

3. Automate Messages

In an Agent Legend campaign, you can set up automated message responses. When a lead responds or reaches out to you, a pre-created message will go back to them in the format (voicemail, email, or text) and time frame of your choosing. This allows you the option to delay messages as well, so that they still feel like they are coming directly from you in real time.

4. Have More Meaningful Conversations

Putting these systems in place with Agent Legend means you won’t be spending so much of your time on a weekly basis doing these things. Do them once every few months and put that extra time into one-on-one conversations with the leads who are ready to work with you right now. Increased and more focused attention will also ensure those leads turn into clients. You’ll still have a pool of  follow-up conversations going on all the time. This is the best way to grow your real estate business efficiently.

Get more productivity tips and learn what to do with all of that time you are going to save: 

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