Sorting real estate leads into different categories can increase your lead response rate. Implementing this strategy early on allows you to target your message frequency and content. This will make a response, and further conversation with that lead much more likely.

No two leads are exactly alike. Real estate expert Tom Ferry knows this, and he often talks about how leads are really potential relationships. When real estate professionals view them as such, they find more success. With that in mind, sorting leads, rather than treating them as a huge generic batch, is a critical step you can’t skip when growing a thriving real estate business.

So how do you sort leads? This process is going to be specific to you and your business, but these are our best tips and suggestions to get you started. 

2 Tips for Sorting Real Estate Leads

  • Pay Attention to Details: No two leads are the same, but many may have important similarities. Pay attention to each leads based on what they are looking for, when you last followed up with them, and how they initially became a lead. These are three important differences between leads, yet things that multiple leads will share. This allows you to group more than one lead together to target your messaging strategically.
  • Keep Timing in Mind: Getting this amount and timing wrong can make your messaging feel like spam rather than helpful, so sorting is critical. You will want to follow up with new leads frequently throughout the first few weeks. On the other hand you will want to contact cold leads only a few times a year. Sort real estate leads based on the frequency you want to engage with them.

4 Lead Category Suggestions

  • Brand New Leads: As we mentioned previously, new leads will benefit from more frequent engagement. You can have these leads in their own category, and even break them up into other categories based on their specific needs and how they came into contact with you to tailor messaging to specific needs. It may seem like a lot of work, but it will make a difference and pay off in the long run.
  • Leads You Have Recently Engaged With: Leads you have heard back from, but who maybe have recently dried up, could be grouped together. Regular and consistent, maybe monthly, engagement will likely be beneficial with these leads. You want to stay on their radar without being pushy. Just let them know you are still around to help and update them on any important news about your offerings.
  • Cold Leads: Don’t throw out that old lead list. You can continue to engage with cold leads seasonally (every four months or so). They’ll want to buy or sell their home at some point in time, so staying in touch a few times a year will keep you top of mind when that time comes.
  • Interest Specific Leads: Each of the previous categories can be further broken down into more specific categories. Base this on what leads are looking for and where you first engaged with them. The more specific your follow-up messages can be, the better.

How you go about sorting your real estate leads will depend on you and your business. These are just some guidelines to get you started. Once you have a system in place, you can more easily implement campaigns to save time and make more money following up with leads. Try Agent Legend for 14 days free and see growth for your real estate business like never before.

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