Simple pricing, no contracts

Every plan includes 7-day-a-week phone and email support.






$124 / month

$103 / month, paid yearly

For solo users

  • Unlimited 1-to-1 messaging
  • 500 monthly active contacts
  • Mobile Application




$249 / month

$208 / month, paid yearly

For growing teams

  • Includes everything in Starter 
  • 1,000 monthly active contacts
  • Bulk lead import
Try it free for 14 days Try it free for 14 days




Reach without limits


For market leaders

  • Includes everything in Professional
  • Unlimited monthly active contacts
  • "Done-for-you" onboarding
Contact Sales Contact Sales




$125 / month

$105 / month

$249 / month

$205 / month

$ / month

$ / month

Lead Management

Active contact limit
Bulk import leads
Communication history logging
Lead and activity notifications

Lead Followup

Active drip campaigns
Automatic long term nurture
Prebuilt templates library
Email drip follow ups
Ringless voicemail follow ups
SMS & Video follow ups
Email, Calling & SMS tracking
Calling & SMS in mobile app
Personalize your followups
Custom signature generator
Send video & image follow ups

AI and Automation

Automatically archive unengaged contacts
Benchmark campaign performance
Contact prioritization alerts

Apps and Integrations

iOS and Android app
Zillow integration
Email parsing integrations
Zapier integrations
CRM integrations
Bomb Bomb integration


Dashboard overview
Performance reporting
Campaign performance benchmarks

Onboarding and Support

Email support
Knowledge base
Chat support
"Done-for-you" onboarding
Priority customer support


Worth Every Single PENNY!! I love that I can run and ad for lead gen and I dont have to worry about calling every single person right away. It gives me the power to tailor each campaign to what I want it to say and achieve!

Stacy J.


Game Changer. Amazing. It has increased sales by over 30%. It's been a real game changer. Reaching people now a days is very difficult. With Agent Legend it makes it a lot easier.

Brian D.

Real Estate, 1-10 employees

An absolute lovely program and an essential part of my success in sales. What I love about Agent Legend is how easy it is to use and how easy it is to teach to new recruits.

John Hector G.

Sales representative

Response rate is through the roof, even better than when I call and text manually, the system is so easy to make the touches that need to get done and ALL in the background. I have referred multiple people to Agent Legend, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Andrew I.

Team Owner

Overall, this is an excellent service and value. I just set an appointment today because Agent Legend did the follow up for me. Being able to feed our CRM leads into agent legend is a game changer. Our response rate went up 4x, and we see notes in our CRM from Agent legend.

Jay R.


Agent legend has helped me to generate quality leads that I am able to assign out to my team. The personal touch of texting and dropping a voicemail increase my chances of reaching the customer. I love that I can text back instantly from the software. Agent Legend does the heavy lifting for me by creating the campaigns and templates.

Jennie G.

Director Of Ecommerce

Amazing App! I love the voicemail feature of the software. It sets it apart from just the standard text and email. Overall is saves me time and effort and helps qualify leads before I reach out personally.

Rebecca P.


Agent Legend saves me an immeasurable amount of time and helps me convert and follow up on leads in a way that I would not be able to do manually. Well worth the $.

Jody B.

Branch Manager

Great if you can't get to the phone. When I can't answer the phone or make a call to a potential lead, this system really comes in handy. I feel like my leads are getting attended to, so I'm not losing potential money.

Melissa P.



You’ve got questions—we’ve got answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What counts as an active contact?
You'll only pay for active contacts - which means contacts who received any followup messages triggered by an automated campaign. You can store your non-active contacts for free. We don't charge for contacts you send manual messages to, contacts who have been dormant in the billing month (even if they were in a campaign in the past), or followup messages that failed to deliver.
What happens if I go over the monthly active contact allotment for my plan?
You will be charged a monthly overage fee based on MACs over the amount allotted by your plan. The charge is $0.20 per MAC over your plan allotment. Your Agent Legend account will continue to process all your data normally even if you go over your MAC limit.

Does Agent legend use my actual voice?
Yes, we do. It’s part of what makes us so effective. Every message is sent in your authentic voice, saying what you really would say yourself if you had called that person.

Do you integrate with my CRM and lead sources?
Yes, we have custom integrations built with many of the popular CRM’s and lead providers. That means Agent Legend can “do our thang” in the background while you work without skipping a beat. We can receive prospects from your CRM, log conversations as they happen, and even coordinate messaging so campaigns are stopped in one system when someone responds in the other.

What do I see when someone responds?
Agent Legend is designed to behave exactly the same way you do. When someone responds, your campaign simply stops. The best part is, when you use the Agent Legend app, you instantly see all the important lead info when your phone rings. So, you can pick up and say hello as if you’re already their friend.

How does Agent Legend work for generic buyer leads vs. property-specific?
We cover both scenarios with our specialized campaign logic. If a lead contains a property address, it will be used. If not, it will be left out. You can design your campaigns to flow nicely and work either way.

Is there a script library?
Yes, inside your Agent Legend account is a library full of pre-built campaign templates designed by some of the top real estate and mortgage professionals. These templates can be customized for your specific needs.

What does the iPhone / Android app do?
Just go about your day, and the Agent Legend app will let you know the instant someone wants to speak with you. You will see the lead’s information when your phone rings. This will let you answer the phone and respond as if you already have the info at the top of your mind.