At Agent Legend, we’ve spent a lot of time with some of the brightest, most successful, leaders inside and outside of our industry. These legends have made it through some of the hardest of times in the real estate, lending, and entrepreneurship worlds.

We couldn’t help but wonder what made them so special. After much talking, listening, and studying, we realized what it was.   A willingness to reinvent themselves. This is one trait they all share, and one that is essential to thriving in any industry, especially one that is constantly in flux like real estate.

To Reinvent Yourself, Remember:

The first ones to go are the dabblers

They are the opportunists. The ones who got in the business because the market was “hot.” When demand inevitably cools down, often so do they, and then they’re off to chase something else. Know your “why” for being in this industry and choose to be in it for the long haul.

Don’t be over-reliant on a single lead source

It doesn’t matter how effective, profitable, and amazing a particular lead source is right now. One day that will change. The lead source might dry up, become overused, or advertising prices might spike making it too expensive. Know this and be ready for it by investing in multiple lead sources.

A few months back one of our own members, Charles Robbins, noticed he was getting less leads from his usual sources. He decided to take action, and now sixty days later Charles now has his own lead machine that brought in 101 live leads over the last 30 days!

Charles told us recently that he is getting a 12% conversion rate so far on those Facebook leads.

Those that are left will continue to evolve

…or they will go the way of those before us.

My friend and acclaimed coach, Jared James, calls the dabblers “transaction chasers.” Jared went on to share a handful of the most unique strategies I’ve heard for evolving, and how you can help your clients and sphere in this training for our members.

At Agent Legend we are reinventing ourselves too

We have and will continue to evolve so that you can too. By launching new, economical, self-serve plans we are able to help more customers than we ever could before. We also have new initiatives, strategies, and insights that will allow our members to explode their business by collaborating together in a mastermind group.

You are not alone. We will here to help you reinvent yourself  and continue to evolve now and in the future.

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