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What You Need to Know About Why Most Agents Don’t Make It

Going that extra mile is really a big deal in this industry. Research shows that most agents don’t make it in today’s market. This can be attributed to different variables like the economy…

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What You Need to Know About Why Most Agents Don’t Make It


How To Scale: Know Your Cost Per *Response*

Do you know your cost per response for your high-quality lead lists? There’s no shortage of online debate on whether or not certain lead sources are too expensive. 

New Dashboard Reports How Much Time You’ve Saved

Outside of the number of new leads you can generate, time saved is a huge factor why people choose to use Agent Legend to automate lead followups.

How to Crush Email Personalization: 9 Examples That Work

We reviewed 5 million emails and text messages sent from Agent Legend campaigns. We analyzed the population as a whole and then compared that to the top 500 highest-performing campaigns. It...

5 Mistakes That Are Killing Your Email Deliverability

70% of emails show at least one spam-related issue that could impact deliverability. Luckily, this is something that can easily be fixed. First it is important to understand how filters...

9 Tips for Writing the Perfect Email Subject Line

Learn some best practices and trends when writing your email subject line to improve your email response rates.

Our Campaigns Just Leveled Up!

From day one, we’ve made it our mission to load our campaign library with templates from the industry’s top agents and loan officers.

BoomTown + Agent Legend – You Asked We Listened!

Our newest integration partner is here! Say hello to BoomTown.

How To Get Qualified Real Estate Leads Through Personal Connections

It’s true – these days, generating leads online is a big part of the game. If you can buy or generate your own leads with any sort of efficiency you’ll be well on your way to controlling...

Three Unique Online Marketing Methods for Real Estate Lead Generation

Experiencing a steady stream of quality leads that want your help is the real difference maker for any real estate agent or mortgage professional.

The Importance of Agent Websites

There has never been an easier time for potential buyers and sellers to find the information they want. On the flip side, there has never been as much misinformation and confusion. The...

3 Habits of Successful Real Estate Agents

As a real estate agent or lender, you juggle a lot of tasks. There’s lead generation, lead follow up, new client support, negotiations… This only scratches the surface of what you do on a...

3 Easy Ways To Dominate Your Market

Are you a seasoned real estate warrior, you’ve plateaued, and need a boost to take your business to new heights? Or are you experiencing initial overwhelm as a new agent?

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