What if we told you that cold calls aren’t essential to effectively follow-up with leads? What if you could just leave a custom, automated lead follow-up voicemail? You’ll save a lot of time and it’s really easy too.

With Agent Legend, you can create customized voicemails for your leads. These are individualized and delivered directly to your lead’s phone without a call. You only have to record them once, though you can update them whenever you would like. Best of all, we can walk you through the entire process from outlining what you want to say, recording the voicemail, and some extra best practice tips for good measure.

How to Structure a Lead Follow-Up Voicemail

Within the Agent Legend client system, we have a script you can follow to make the process of recording a great real estate agent voicemail fast and easy. But we still recommend customizing this to fit your style and the specific leads you are targeting. Our system also tracks these follow-ups for you with a specialized phone number and recording ID to keep things organized.

When you are recording your own voicemail, this is the general structure to follow: 

  • Say hello, but don’t state your name or phone number
  • State the reason you are calling. Make it specific to the lead or campaign you are following up with. Something like: “I see you are looking at houses in the Phoenix area,”
  • Offer your help, don’t try to make a sales pitch. Add to the previous phrase, something along the lines of: “As an agent in the area, I’d be happy to help you with your search.”
  • Close with the offer to talk more if they are interested: “If you are still looking, I’d love to talk more. This is the best number to reach me at.”
  • Sign off with a thank you and goodbye.

Recording Your Voicemail

If you are leaving a voicemail on your own, you just leave it as usual at the end of a phone call if no one answers. If you want to skip the cold call entirely, you can use the Agent Legend campaign system to simple leave a voicemail without the call. There will be prompts, but this is the general guide to follow when you are recording a lead follow-up voicemail within the Agent Legend system:

  • Call the phone number listed for the specific voicemail follow up you’d like to record
  • Enter recording ID then press #
  • Record the voicemail and press any key when finished
  • Press 1 to use the recorded message or any other key to record it again
  • An automated voice will confirm the message has been saved – then you are done! 

Lead Follow-Up Best Practices for Voicemails

  • Do not leave your name or call back number in the voicemail directly. Saying something like, “This is a good number to reach me at” or “Please give me a call back” is preferable.
  • Keep the voicemail short and concise: 20 – 30 seconds is recommended.
  • Slow down as you speak and use your normal tone of voice. Practice once or twice to be sure.
  • Leave voicemails towards the end of the day.

Campaigns with Agent Legend allow you to record these voicemails and send them automatically. You can even schedule follow-up emails and text messages in relation to a voicemail within a custom campaign that is targeted towards specific lead types. Ultimately this is the best way to have more conversations. More conversations means more closed deals.

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