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    How Much Should You Be Paying for Real Estate Leads?

    As a real estate agent, you have to decide how you are going to get leads. After all, leads are the lifeblood of your business! There are several different lead generation methods available...

    Lead Nurturing Strategies for Top Real Estate Performers

    Knowing how to nurture your leads is one of the most critical skills successful real estate agents possess. While every agent has a different way of doing business, it's imperative to be...

    8 Ways to Handle Leads that Have Gone Cold

    Cold leads are a real problem for a lot of agents. They're the ones that have been sitting around in your CRM database, waiting to be called back or emailed, or that have stopped responding...

    Real Estate Industry Prospecting Benchmarks

    The reality of today's economy is that we all need to do more with less, especially when it comes to marketing methods like cold calling or door knocking.

    Time Savings Tips for Nurturing a Large Lead List

    In the real estate industry, long lead lists are a common occurrence that if left unchecked can develop into a problem. In other words, if you’re not nurturing and managing the list of...

    7 Email Template Examples that Generate Responses

    Email is one of the most used forms of communication today, and it's only getting more popular. With an email address, you can reach potential clients in a matter of seconds without them...

    5 Real Estate Lead Sources for Best Results

    The real estate market is one of the most competitive industries in the game. The amount of competition out there can make it seem near impossible to get a lead, but that's not entirely...

    What You Need to Know About Why Most Agents Don’t Make It

    Going that extra mile is really a big deal in this industry. Research shows that most agents don’t make it in today’s market. This can be attributed to different variables like the economy...

    Do This if You Want Leads Who Approach You in Person to Convert

    As a real estate professional it is inevitable that you will get asked about the state of the current market at some point–likely by someone you have just met. Maybe it’ll be at a party...

    Use the 80/20 Rule to Make More Money in Real Estate This Year

    Time management is essential to success–this isn’t news us anymore. However, the 80/20 Rule brings fresh ideas to time management that you definitely want to pay attention to. You’ll...

    You’ll Waste Time and Money if You Don’t Do This Before Ramping Up Your Lead Generation

    Lead generation is a foundational piece of any real estate business. Without leads, there actually is no business. This can motivate many professionals to falsely believe that the more...

    Do This to Avoid Burnout When Working as a Real Estate Professional

    When working as a real estate professional, to-do lists can ramp up quickly. Followup usually ends up taking the largest portion of time for someone working as a real estate professional....

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