Real estate agents are constantly on the go, and it can be challenging to manage your time and keep up with all of your leads. One way that successful real estate agents have been able to get all of their daily tasks accomplished and keep in touch with their leads is through email response automation.

Email response automation helps save time, energy, money and can be an all-around beneficial tool for real estate agents. When new leads come into your pipeline, you want them to feel important. As their agent, you want them to know that you appreciate and genuinely care about them.

With email response automation, keeping in touch, showing you care, and giving them information that may help them along the way in their buyer journey is easy. With this in mind, below you’ll find five ways that real estate agents can benefit from email response automation.

1. Makes a Good First Impression

When a new lead enters your pipeline, you want to make a positive lasting impression. To do this, you can add newly acquired contact information to an automated workflow. 

You can set up different automations for specific types of leads as well. For example, you can set up one email to go out immediately once a lead enters your pipeline through a form. This way, the new lead knows that you received their information and appreciate the time they took, and that you care about them as a potential client.

You can also set up an email for those who have been in your pipeline longer than a week to help show them you haven't forgotten about them. A simple message with the latest listings or a check in asking how things are going keeps you top of mind for them, and shows them you’re still available for any needs they might have.

Finally, an email could go out after a potential client decides to receive more information from you. This could have been through responding to an email or inquiring about a particular listing - whatever the case may be. This helps set up a good relationship with your leads as they know that you are willing to provide them with what they are looking for.

2. Saves The Time of Drafting Emails Personally

As a busy real estate agent, time can feel in short supply. You are constantly on the go, traveling from listing to listing, setting up open houses, and creating social media updates. With email response automation, you can draft emails in advance that will be sent out when a potential client reaches certain stages in your pipeline.


When drafting these emails with email response automation, there is no need to worry about clients feeling left out because your software of choice will send emails to leads on your behalf. This leaves more time for you to do any number of tasks that are on your ever growing to-do list, and have the peace of mind that your leads are getting the attention they deserve.

3. Helps You Stay On The Minds of Your Leads

Email response automation can help you stay on the minds of your leads, even when you are not in direct contact. While this does not replace “real time” emails sent directly by the agent, it's a great way to support personal connections with your clients and maintain lead engagement.

For example, email response automation allows an agent to send out helpful information about the market to their leads at certain times. This could be done weekly, monthly, or by season. This way, your leads are constantly reminded that you are there for them.

You can also create automations for special events like holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries. This is a great way to show you care beyond just business. By doing this, your leads will feel valued and know they are not just another number on your contact list.

4. Sends Targeted Content to a Lot of Leads at Once

Email response automation can be advantageous when sending out targeted content to many leads at once as well. This is helpful because it saves time and energy, while still reaching all your leads - whether it’s 100 or 1,000 - in one fell swoop.


With automated responses in play, you can map out emails and schedules so that your correspondence is sent out to your leads whenever you would like. This way, you can focus your time and energy on the communication for leads who are further along in the pipeline or that you’re working with in person.

5. Maintains Authenticity

Email response automation can help maintain authenticity with your leads as well. How? Because the emails are sent on your behalf, it looks like you are taking time out of your day to reach out. All of your contact information, and the information you would send to a client on a one-to-one basis will still get to the people that need it. Just because it’s a mass email doesn’t mean it has to look like it is!

That said, your email content should be relevant to your target audience so that it reflects your brand and helps potential clients learn more about you and your offerings. Thanks to automated emails you can create and send unique emails at specific times. This way, your leads will know that they are valued and appreciated by the caring real estate agent who is helping them with their next move.

Segmenting your leads is a great way to maintain authenticity as well. If you are sending messages to leads that are relevant to where they are in the sales cycle, then they will feel that the agent understands them that much more, and is truly working for them.


Final Thoughts

Email response automation is the key to being a legend in real estate. Without adding more time or energy to your work day, you can still keep in touch with all of your leads while providing exceptional customer service. This type of email management can help potential clients feel valued and appreciated, and they’ll still enjoy the authenticity you want to offer your leads.

Utilizing email automation means you don't have to spend time trying to create new emails on demand. This allows you to focus on the communication that matters most with your leads while still giving the information they need when they request it.

Agent Legend can help sync your email autoresponder to your funnel. Understand where leads are in your sales funnel, what type of communication they need, and when. It’s easier than you may realize to automate email communication. Get started with Agent Legend for free today, and learn how.

Guide to Lead Automation Across The Lead-Lifecycle


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