Real estate lead management software is a fantastic way to simplify and streamline all the tasks an agent has to complete. The agents using software are able to get more done in less time, while those using outdated methods are getting left behind. With automation, sharper insights, easier lead tracking and nurturing, real-time reporting, and more, lead management software is critical to get and stay ahead in the industry.

Still, not all lead management software is created equally. With that in mind, in this post we’ll showcase the best lead management software for real estate in 2023. We’re sharing a no-holds barred list of 10 software including pricing information and why people like them. Let’s dive in.



1. Follow Up Boss

  • Price: Starting at $69/mo
  • Best features: Mobile app, live support, diverse integration, vast toolset, digestible data graphs + tables

Follow Up Boss takes first place on our list for one simple reason - our software features a native integration with them. In seconds you can harness and combine the two programs to supercharge a team’s ability to get killer conversion results.

Follow Up Boss is an all-in-one real estate lead management software that provides automated and manual email, text, phone, and scheduling features that are intuitive and seamless. Follow Up Boss also allows you to synchronize data and integrate with 20 plus softwares, including giants like Google Suite and Microsoft.

With our native integration you won’t have to worry about duplicate follow ups, and you can import new leads directly into your existing Agent Legend Campaigns. Learn more about our integrations here.



2. Chime

  • Price: Starting at $499.99/mo
  • Best features: Mobile app, automated nurturing, dynamic lead scoring, customized pricing

From lead generation to landing page builders, qualification chatbots to lead scoring that helps you prioritize your leads, many users feel Chime solves the major pain points most agents deal with on a daily basis. The software is easy to use and with Agent Legend’s integration you can enjoy an all-in-one real estate solution that offers CRM, team management, IDX, lead generation and much more.



  • Price: $1,500/mo
  • Best features: Mass communication capabilities, latest industry practices, family of apps

Despite being the most expensive on our list of real estate lead management software, CINC is used by over 3,000 top-producing teams and over 50,000 agents. The software helps you take people from lead generation to lead conversion, following systematic, efficient, and proven strategies for success. Support your real estate team with ease by utilizing CINC’s many capabilities and integrating Agent Legend’s automated text, call, and voicemail drip campaigns.


4. BoomTown

  • Price: Starting at $1,000/mo for 3 agents
  • Best features: Mobile app, IDX website with every plan, automatic lead/property matching, fantastic customer support

Onboarding and setting up your account on BoomTown is as easy as pie. In terms of the actual software, BoomTown is a highly-functional CRM with diverse integrations (including one with Agent Legend!), lead qualification, automatic distribution, and more. Each plan comes with an IDX website and several agent subdomains as well. BoomTown’s goal is to help you launch and grow your real estate business with less effort while keeping your pipeline filled and nurtured.


5. Contactually

  • Price: Starting at $59/mo (per user)
  • Best features: Automatic documentation, coded contact and follow-up rules, simple interface

One of only two programs that doesn’t yet have an integration with Agent Legend, Contactually might not be as fancy as some of the other real estate lead management softwares, but its simplicity is what draws people to it. The software is easy to use, and offers the essential tools necessary for real estate lead management. Track all lead contacts and their details, prioritize said leads, and utilize AI features to optimize agent workflow. Since the pricing structure is per user, you also won’t have to worry about overpaying for real estate lead management software.

Of course, though the pricing and simplicity is appealing, it’s worth noting that some realtors find the software to have few glitches. For example, one realtor complained that it’s too easy to delete a lead by mistake without being able to get them back. And another user found that though it was simple to use, the setup was very time intensive, and made training difficult for agents.


6. Wise Agent

  • Price: Starting at $29/mo
  • Best features: Transaction management, automated marketing, 24/7 live support, team features

Wise Agent is a reliable and powerful all-in-one CRM tool that won’t break the bank. Each plan comes with lead automation, contact management, transaction management, and automated real estate lead marketing. The real estate lead management software integrates with applications like Google Workspace, tools like Mojo Dialer and Bomb Bomb, and Agent Legend’s automated lead nurturing software. Put Wise Agent and Agent Legend together and you have a fantastic set of tools that will save you time and help you take on more business. 




7. Real Geeks

  • Price: Starting at $249/mo
  • Best features: Mobile app, clean design, website creation and integration

Besides having the standard tools found in CRMs, Real Geeks stands out for two reasons. First, it was designed for real estate agents by a real estate agent. Second, Real Geeks is one of the best website/CRM combos out there. For the price, you’ll receive a free home evaluation landing page feature, an IDX-enabled website, and Real Geek’s vast library of tutorials and how-to’s. Real Geeks provides reasons for leads to give you their contact information, and then helps you nurture them. If that wasn’t enough, it also integrates with Agent Legend to help you automatically forward leads to automate your lead follow-up campaigns. Talk about a win-win situation!



8. Propertybase

  • Price: Starting at $89/mo (per user)
  • Best features: Mobile app, lead matching, incredible internal customization

Propertybase is another program that doesn’t yet integrate with Agent Legend. What draws people to it is that it goes beyond just tweaking filter settings or preferences. Built on the Salesforce platform, Propertybase is powerful and can be customized - down to the code itself - to fit all of your team’s CRM needs. Still, there’s a caveat. To reap the benefits of Propertybase, you or someone else will need to know how to code and program. There is a huge learning curve with this one. Still, if you know how to program and code, it may ultimately give you more of the  custom tools you might desire.



9. LionDesk

  • Price: Starting at $21/mo
  • Best features: Pre-built drip campaigns, video-integrated emails and text messages, 24/7 live support

Being the most affordable option on our list, LionDesk still manages to be above average as a real estate lead management software. Some of its most popular features include automated follow up, data segmentation, video and email texting, transaction management, and task reminders. This real estate lead management software is affordable and great for anyone first dipping their toes into lead management waters.



10. Zillow Premier Agent

  • Price: FREE (but with commission fees)
  • Best features: Mobile app, unique insights

To be clear, the limited CRM portion of Zillow Premier Agent is free. However, the lead generation and ad portions are not. Still, Zillow Premier Agent takes the last spot on our list because it provides client information that you can’t find anywhere else - that is without asking your leads for it directly. This comes in the form of clients’ Zillow search activity available directly in the CRM. Productivity features include custom reminders, notes, and tasks. The biggest setback to Zillow Premier Agent is that it is exclusive to the Zillow platform. Then again, there is an integration with Agent Legend that will still give you the ability to follow-up with your leads authentically.

Agent Legend: Elevating Your Real Estate Lead Management Process

With 2023 right around the corner, are you ready to become a legend in real estate? As we’ve shown, pairing most of these tools with Agent Legend could help you take your real estate business to the next level. One that is, well, legendary!

If you’re already using a CRM, click here to learn about the software programs we already have an integration with. Agent Legend makes lead interactions and follow-ups instant and fully autonomous - all without losing that personal touch clients expect of you, and that could lead to higher conversion rates. 

Just one example of the personal interaction you will experience with the software is that it proactively reaches out the leads the way you would if you had the time. Imagine, text messages that efficiently follow up as if you were there providing all the answers to your clients and prospects! Want to see what we can do for your real estate business? Click here to get started for free.

Real Estate Lead Management: The Ultimate Guide to Selling More Property

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