Follow up systems for realtors that work will make your life as a real estate professional easier while also increasing your client base steadily. Ultimately, spending some time now to put thoughtful systems in place will make a huge impact on your success this year and for years to come. One of the most important areas of your business to focus on and get right first is your follow up system. 

What is a Follow Up System?

A follow up system is your strategy for converting leads into actual clients. You can spend a lot of money on leads and not see results. The follow up is everything, which means it deserves some time and thought. Winging follow up on a lead by lead basis will take too much of your time and won’t allow you to strategize effectively. Putting a plan in place early on will allow you to actually spend less time following up with leads daily and still allow you to have more conversations with leads over time. An effective follow up system includes: 

  • Lead integration 
  • Pre-created authentic and engaging campaigns with customized follow up messages
  • Scheduled automated release of those campaign messages
  • A system to track follow ups and responses in real time

Creating Follow Up Systems for Realtors That Actually Work

Consistency and authenticity are the keys to success when it comes to lead follow up.  Agent Legend provides everything you need to put an effective strategy in place and maintain it over time. Your account with Agent Legend makes it easy to create campaigns that are engaging and authentic to you and your business, and to schedule automated messaging. You can most importantly integrate and track leads from other lead generation platforms and even filter those leads into different campaigns inside your account.  

Take your Agent Legend follow up system to the next level by integrating your favorite top lead generation platforms. This makes it easy to track and send messages to all of your leads in one place, regardless of where you sourced them from. 

How to Create the Best Follow Up System For Continued Growth:

  1. Begin with an Agent Legend account
  2. Integrate all of your lead sources (specific instructions for how to do this can be found further down in this post)
  3. Design campaigns inside Agent Legend that meet your goals
  4. Create follow up messaging inside each campaign 
  5. Filter your leads into the campaigns as you see fit
  6. Turn your campaigns on
  7. Respond to leads when they reply to campaign messages, while tracking your progress
  8. Track your response rate and reassess your plan quarterly

Integrating Your Favorite CRMS with Agent Legend

There is no limit to the number of CRM integrations you can have in your Agent Legend account. Leads from all of your lead sources can be integrated and filtered into campaigns you have already created. You will even receive notifications to help you keep track of which leads have been contacted and when, so you never have to worry about overlapping responses. This means more conversations with leads all in one place. More conversations will inevitably lead to more clients and closed deals for you and your business. 

What CRMS Can I Integrate With Agent Legend? 

You can integrate most real estate CRMs with Agent Legend. Our full list of integrations includes, Follow Up Boss, BoomTown, Zillow Premier, Ylopo, Zillow Group Mortgage and more. 

How to Integrate a CRM With Agent Legend

You can view and manage integrations inside your Agent Legend account by clicking on the Integrations tab on the left side of the screen. 

Here, you can add new integrations as well as manage existing integrations. A basic CRM integration is possible through email. If needed you can always get assistance for integrating specific CRMS by contacting our customer support team. 

Working efficiently so you can continue to grow your business and spend a little more time doing the things you love is completely doable this year. Put in the time now to create an effective follow up system and you’ll see it happen this year, and long-term. 

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