Automating the lead follow up system process is the best way to create a strategy that converts more of your real estate leads in less time. To some, automation might sound too detached, but it doesn’t have to be. Agent Legend helps you create automated campaigns and a lead follow up system that are unique to you and your business. An automated process is the best way to optimize your efforts because it allows you to do three things effectively: create authentic and engaging messaging tailored to specific leads, engage with leads frequently, and track and analyze the entire process. 

Creating a Strong Real Estate Lead Follow Up System

Maybe you already know this, and that’s why you’re here. Along with explaining the importance of a follow up strategy, it’s essential to explain how to create a strong system so that your lead engagement rate and client list will grow substantially. Follow these steps for the best results: 

Start with the Right Platforms and Integrate Them

Leads are of course necessary to implement a solid follow up strategy that works. So, you will see the most results when using at least one top lead generation platform. Along with an integration, you can begin to implement daily strategies to build your sphere of influence to organically generate leads.

Now that you have leads, it’s time to put a program like Agent Legend to use. Agent Legend makes real estate campaign strategy easy by automating the messaging process and providing templates to make the creation process fast and simple on your end. Integrate your lead generation platform and Agent Legend to work together and you’re on your way to having a high performing follow up strategy that will transform your business.

Map Out a Campaign Strategy

Now that you have your Agent Legend account activated and a lead generation platform integrated with it, it’s time to create a campaign strategy. Based on the leads that you are sending to your Agent Legend account you can set up more than one campaign. This allows you to target specific leads based on their needs and level of current interest, which in turn increases engagement and ultimately conversion. You’ll want a campaign specifically designed for new leads. After that you can create campaigns for cold leads, leads that you have talked to recently but who still haven’t taken the next step, etc.

Agent Legend has campaign templates that you can use to get started. This keeps things simple at first, while allowing you the opportunity to make changes as you go.

Create Authentic Follow Up Messages

Like the campaign templates inside your Agent Legend account, there are also message templates you can use. We have some tips to help you make those messages authentic to you and your business style so that leads won’t be able to tell your messages are automated. You can send individual messages or a mixture of email, text, and voicemail messages to each lead within a campaign. We’re always adding best practices and tips to our blog to help you get the most out of your account.

Engage with Real Estate Leads Frequently

Once you turn a campaign on, the leads designated to that campaign will begin to get messages from you. You can turn a campaign off to make changes to it at any time. Adding leads to campaigns after they are already turned on is easy as well. With this in place you don’t need to think about follow up on a daily basis. You can rest assured knowing that your messages are going out regularly. You’ll get a notification when leads respond to your messages so that you can respond directly. This saves you so much time that you can spend investing in other areas of your business.

Analyze and Reassess Your Plan

Inside your Agent Legend account, you can track lead and campaign engagement. You can even keep track of details related to each individual lead. This information is all kept in one place, making it easy for your review and reassess your strategy periodically. Regularly reassessing will help you continue increasing and improving your lead conversion over time.

Agent Legend makes this entire process easy enough to set up and start within one day. Putting a strong strategy like this in place will not only increase your lead conversion and build your business, it will save you a lot of time day-to-day. It’s arguably the single most important thing you can do to grow your real estate business sustainably this year and for years to come.

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