In a fast-paced industry like ours, finding or buying leads is only a fraction of what you need to do to sustain a real estate business. If you want to grow your business to the point that is it thriving years down the road, you have to become really good at one thing: turning your real estate leads into clients. Better yet, turn them into clients that will come back to you and refer others to you as well.

According to our State of the Leads survey, most real estate professionals wish they could spend less time on lead management and follow-up. Putting systems in place to build relationships efficiently will help you do that. During one of our webinars, real estate expert Kevin Markarian put it simply. “Conversations lead to transactions. The more conversations that you have the more transactions you will have.”

6 Conversation Methods to Engage Leads and Grow Your Business

1. Intentional Engagement

Putting a system in place to frequently engage increases the likelihood you will turn those real estate leads into clients. What does this mean? It means you need have an organized system for regularly sending leads intentional follow-up messages in relation to what they are looking for. Agent Legend is the perfect resource to help you do this in a time efficient way. With Agent Legend, you create authentic messages and schedule when they are sent, to who, and even responses for when leads reply. Creating a system like this most importantly allows you to shift your time and energy away from endlessly following up with basic responses and inquiries. Instead you can spend that time creating strategic campaigns with focused intent. This is far more likely to result in a response from your leads, which then opens up opportunity for more conversation and eventually a sale.

The following blog is a perfect resource for learning more about creating and timing frequent messaging to your lead list.

How and When to Re-Engage with Old Leads

How and When to Re-engage Old Leads

Industry experts explain how to take out that old lead list and put it to use.

2. Consistent Messaging

Automating your messaging is the best way to ensure that you stay on the radar of every lead you have. When a lead has you in mind, you are going to be the agent they call when the time is right. So whether or not you hear back from leads after sending out one message, you need to continue engaging. You also don’t want to overdo it and become a pest. The key is to remain on their radar and available to help.

When you schedule your messages at first instead of sending them to each lead individually, you are able to track and analyze what is working and what isn’t. You can see the data. You know when the last message was sent and whether or not it was responded to. This is essential to following up with leads enough but not too much.

3. Prioritize Authenticity

A lead still needs to get the sense that a message is from you directly. That is where authenticity comes in. Just because you are automating your initial follow ups with leads to save time, doesn’t mean they can’t be direct and specific.

Learn more in the following blog:

Authentically Communicating with Leads

How Authentic Communication Will Help You Make More Sales

Learn how to make sure your messaging with leads is authentic.

4. Serve Your Sphere of Influence

Your sphere of influence includes your leads and potential leads. It is essentially everyone you know. Show up and show that you care to stay on their radar. When they need an agent or broker, you will be the first that comes to mind. So how do you be of service as a real estate professional? Provide useful information and pay attention to the details.

Providing useful information can be offering real estate information within your local community to keep people engaged with what is happening in the market. It could also look like becoming an expert in a certain area of the business and offering that information to other real estate professionals. Paying attention to the details could be as small as sending a client dinner on move-in day or offering recommendations for services in another area that you know a lead is looking for. There are endless ways to provide useful information and focus on the details, the important thing is that you put the effort into prioritize service and not just sales. When people in your sphere of influence feel noticed on that level they are likely to turn from real estate leads into clients.

5. Always Respond

When a lead responds to a message you send, always respond. Always respond in a time efficient way. With Agent Legend you can schedule responses between different time periods. So if a lead responds to you at 3am, you can have responses set up to send the following morning. This maintains authenticity. It would look a bit suspicious if they message you back at 3am and you respond seconds later, right?

When you have automated messaging set up, you can also use it as a funnel. Once you have gotten a response to a certain message or from particular leads, you can then begin to focus on direct responses. This ensures you begin direct response conversations with leads who are truly interested and ready to begin the buying or selling process. Automation allows you to begin multiple conversations, while choosing the right moment to begin to directly respond will save you so much time and energy. Regardless of the lead or where you’re at in the process, be sure you have a system in place to ensure that there is always a response of some sort and watch those real estate leads turn into clients.

6. Send Messages in Multiple Formats

With so many options available for communicating these days, everyone has their preferred methods. By reaching out in different ways, you can increase the odds that a lead will be more comfortable responding and engaging in a conversation. This can be a phone call with automated voicemails to begin with, or text messages, or even an email. You can either automate or direct respond in any of these formats with the help of Agent Legend. Try them all, see what you are most comfortable with, and which formats get the most quality responses and focus on getting good at that first.

Maintaining Your Sphere of Influence

Maintaining Your Sphere of Influence in Real Estate

Nourish your lead lists and get more business.

Make your life easier by implementing all of these methods into your business in one place. Agent Legend allows you to import leads easily and create campaigns to do all of the things mentioned above. Learn more here or try out our demo today.



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