In the real estate industry, long lead lists are a common occurrence that if left unchecked can develop into a problem. In other words, if you’re not nurturing and managing the list of leads you have acquired, they could render themselves irrelevant.

While real estate lead follow up can be time consuming, there are some things you can do to save yourself time while looking after the names on your list. With that in mind, below we’ll explore different strategies to save time without losing the element of authentic communication.

Time Saving Tips for Nurturing Your List

Saving time is an essential aspect of being a successful real estate agent. From learning new marketing methods to coming up with real estate lead generation ideas, it can quickly become an overwhelming career. Here are ten tips to save time while nurturing your list:

  1. Batch your tasks - While some agents may feel the best way to nurture a lead is to go down your list and email each person one at a time, the reality is even with templates on your side, this can take longer than it needs to. Instead, batch your lists based on their needs so you can quickly send relevant information without a lot of back and forth trying to track what your recipients are looking for.
  2. Delegate whenever possible - Are there tasks that you don’t need to be doing that others can manage for you? For example, instead of going to the copy store, have your copies delivered by courier. Hire a Facebook ads manager, or a social media specialist. Anything that is taking time that you need to spend on your real estate lead follow up should be done by you. But everything else, outsource and delegate where you can.
  3. Schedule everything - The simple act of adding everything into the calendar ensures that it will all get done, and you’ll be more likely to stay on task because you have a record of what needs to be done next.

  4. Turn off distractions - Social media is perhaps the biggest time waster. Anything that is causing you to waste time rather than save time should be turned off while you’re working.
  5. Automate everything you possibly can! We’re living in a day and age where you can automate several aspects of your day to day work including real estate lead follow up.

Automation: The Critical Component of Saving Time

Here are just a few ways you can automate your tasks:

  • Create forms that clients can fill out that are instantly populated into your CRM
  • Track referrals and links lists that indicate how your new lead found out about you
  • Segment lists by what they are looking for so you instantly know what to send each person on your total list (i.e. only telling people looking to buy a property about new listings)
  • Include details in your CRM of transaction stages so when leads reach out you can instantly pull up pertinent data (i.e. who is under contract, which homes are price reduced, and which properties have closed)

The Best Tool for Automated Lead Nurturing

Enter, Agent Legend - the best tool on the market for automated real estate lead follow up. With it you can add your list of leads to the software, and set up campaigns to deploy text messages, emails, and even voicemails.


Here is an example of how you might optimize your workflow via Agent Legend to save time and be more efficient in the future:

  • Connect your email account and your phone number to the platform
  • Create a campaign for outreach that sends a series of emails at increments you choose
  • Add your 500 most recent leads
  • Then, the emails will drip out on their chosen days automatically

With this workflow, you can also create additional messages that can be sent for people who respond. Or, you can pause the messages that are scheduled to send for those leads that email you back.

This is just one of many workflows you can create with Agent Legend campaigns. Some ideas include:

  • First contact campaigns - messages via email, text, or voicemail that automatically are sent to new prospects you acquire through various lead generation methods
  • Keep in touch campaigns - perfect for keeping your real estate company top of mind so your lead list won’t become dormant
  • Past client campaigns - great for requesting referrals or sending real estate newsletter content

This barely scratches the surface of the types of campaigns you can create! Lead generation and nurturing of your list can be very time-consuming. This is especially true if you have a list that is several pages long. Not only does it take time to find out which ones are ready for your services, but it also takes time to pinpoint their needs and interests.

Using the Agent Legend software helps you save time and find out more about potential clients, make more sales, acquire more listings, and gain more referrals. Automating your communication can still feel personalized and comforting without the recipient feeling like you're spamming them with unwelcome content. Sign up for a free trial of Agent Legend today!

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