Outside of the number of new leads you can generate, time saved is a huge factor why people choose to use Agent Legend to automate lead followups.

How much time has Agent Legend saved you?

In the new Dashboard, there’s a new widget that shows approximately how much time you have saved over the past 30 days by using Agent Legend. Some users are reporting an excess of 23 hours a month through Agent Legend’s automation versus the manual process of making calls and sending emails manually. The average time savings is much closer to 15 hours. And that’s not too shabby. Hey, you can use all the time you can get, right?

You’re probably asking how do we calculate the time you’ve saved?

It’s quite simple actually. The algorithm is based on three different time estimates and some basic math. We estimate the time it takes to send an email, record a voicemail, and compose a text message.

  • Send an email (5 minutes)
  • Record a voicemail (3 minutes)
  • Compose a text (3 minutes)

Then we multiply that by the number and type of followups you’ve sent over the past 30 days.

Stay tuned to many more new features coming to the new Dashboard to help you better manage your leads. You can always see what’s new with your Agent Legend account by visiting the What’s New page or reading the blog.

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