Did you know that nearly 80% of large, infrequent purchases like a home are made by sales professionals after they have been contacted five or more times? This is why your follow up strategy is so important. Creating a robust follow up strategy for your exclusive real estate leads requires time and effort. When you put that work into building one it really needs to pay off, right? We think so, and we’re going to help you make sure it does. 

Design your follow up campaigns to consistently work for you, even when you aren’t working yourself. These five tips will help you prioritize your efforts so you can put in the work once, then watch your lead conversion rate climb long-term. 

5 Important Campaign Details to Convert Exclusive Real Estate Leads

1. Prioritize Frequency

Following up with leads regularly, even after a no is essential. As mentioned above, most large, infrequent purchases are made after a lead has been followed up with several times. So, when creating campaigns think about the frequency each lead is follow up with strategically. Don’t let any leads go cold. Contact your oldest leads at least a few times a year, and stay in touch with new leads consistently. The persistence will pay off in the long-term. 

2. Turn on Auto Nurture

Agent Legend has an exclusive auto-nurture feature built-in for clients using our platform to create campaigns and follow up with leads regularly. This feature allows you to send leads who haven’t responded to other campaigns into a custom built auto-nurture campaign. You simply record a voicemail and Agent Legend takes care of the rest, ensuring that those leads are followed up with regularly. 

3. Remember First Impressions

The headlines and intros you use within the messages inside the campaigns you create to follow up with exclusive real estate leads are important. They are essentially your first impression. Make sure you are using words and phrasing specific to the leads you are following up with, and that they are compelling enough to ensure leads are opening and/or listening to your messages to begin with.

4. Stay on Point

Make sure that all of the messages within your campaigns are specific to that campaign and the leads you are funneling through it. Keep it concise and easy to understand. This makes it easier for a lead to know what you have to offer them, and makes it far more likely that they will get back in touch with you.

5. Be Yourself   

When creating lead follow up campaigns, it’s easy for your messages to start to feel automated. This is exactly what you don’t want. Stay authentic in every message you create within a campaign. Use your natural tone of voice in voicemails, and incorporate your style in your emails and text follow ups. This will keep your messages authentic and engaging.

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