Creating a real estate newsletter is an easy way to stay top of mind with your sphere of influence (SOI). Newsletters keep your SOI updated about you and your business in a way that won’t come off as pushy or too much. In fact, they can have the opposite impact if done right. When you provide useful information within a newsletter, people within your SOI will actually read it, and they will also have you in mind the next time they are ready to buy or sell. The biggest thing to remember is to always focus on providing them with something of value. Here are some other tips: 

Creating a Real Estate Newsletter with Value

1. Start a List

Keep a list of your SOIs contact information, including email addresses. Better yet, divide SOIs into different categories based on how you know them. This allows you to create different and more specific newsletters for SOIs in different categories. Now that you have your list sorted, it’s time make it happen.

2. Decide How to Send Your Newsletter

You can manage your newsletter and list yourself within your personal email account, but that will be time consuming. An easier option is to use an email marketing and newsletter service like Mailchimp. With a platform like this you can send newsletters to large lists seamlessly, while tracking how many people are actually opening and reading the newsletter. This allows you to make adjustments for better engagement in the future.

3. Make a Plan

Decide whether you are going to send one newsletter to everyone in your SOI, or specialized newsletters to a few different groups within your SOI. Choose the frequency and day you want to send them as well. It can be helpful to create a calendar with these details so that you don’t forget. It also helps you to stay motivated and consistent– consistency is important for effectiveness with newsletters just like any form of marketing.

4. Choose a Topic or Theme

You want the majority of your email to add some sort of value to your SOI (which we will talk more about next), while focusing on at most one call to action at the end. Having some sort of cohesive common theme in each newsletter can make it easier to gather the content you will need.

5. Ask – Is this Useful?

One thing to always do is keep the content concise and easy to read. When you are creating the content for the email also ask yourself continuously: What is in it for them? Is there something here that will be helpful? This will ensure your newsletter has value, which will increase the number of people in your SOI who stay subscribed and want to actually read it.

A few high value ideas:

  • Market updates
  • Community events (this could be monthly, seasonal, or weekly)
  • Updates about community housing like upcoming building developments in the area or new restaurants
  • New listing alerts

6. Master the Subject Line

Now that you have the theme and content gathered, get creative with your subject line. What will make them click open? This can take some practice, but try to have fun with it. When you use an email newsletter service you can track the open rate and use that to whether or not your subject lines are working. Don’t stress too much about it at first, you can always make adjustments on future newsletters.

7. Stay Consistent

Most importantly, stick to the schedule you set for yourself when you made the plan for your newsletter. Don’t skip weeks or months. Make it something that your SOI can rely on. You also have to remember the whole point of doing a newsletter is to keep your business in the mind of your SOI so that when they are ready, they will want to work with you.

Your sphere of influence is a valuable asset for your real estate business. Newsletters are an easy way to stay engaged with them consistently. You’ll never regret getting started.

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