It’s no secret that following up with leads frequently is the key to converting them. Real Estate coach Tom Ferry has shared research that shows most agents are following up with leads a mere 1.4 times. This is great news for you, because it means that you can easily step in and connect with those leads the 6 – 9 times required to convert them with consistency, authenticity, and a little creativity.

Creating Follow Up Emails that Convert Leads

Frequent follow up messages are essential, but there are some things you can do when crafting follow up emails specifically to grab a lead’s attention.

Add Media

Including a video is a great first step, especially in messages going out to new leads. You can simply record and then upload a video inside your email messages and text messages as well with Agent Legend. Say a quick hello, then outline the services that you would love to provide that lead with. It’s personable and unique. You can of course do this in other follow up messages as well, but it’s especially recommended for first time leads. Images are another great way to stand out. Provide an image of a new property you are excited to share with a lead or even your own profile photo in your email signature.

Use a Simple Structure

Keep your message concise and to the point, so the lead knows exactly why you are contacting them and how to respond. Below is an example of an outline we provide to our users for follow up emails.

Pay Attention to the Subject Line

Keep this to the point as well, but also get a little creative here. If you are solving a problem or providing helpful information and alluding to that within the subject line, then a lead will be far more likely to open the email. Remember it’s all about providing value to a lead.

Include a Signature

Be sure to include a customized email signature within every email follow up. Agent Legend provides an easy-to-use feature that allows you to create a signature like the one below in minutes. You can use it within your Agent Legend account and in your personal email accounts as well. This gives every email you send a professional look. A signature also provides leads with specific information on how to connect with you.

follow up emails

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