With so many options available, how do you choose the best real estate CRM for you and your business? It’s easier than you think.

Nearly 90% of realtors and mortgage brokers use some sort of a CRM to manage their leads. Despite using software and programs that promise to make your work day more efficient, the response to our State of Leads survey revealed quite the opposite. Most of the real estate professionals who responded to our survey claimed that they still spend way too much time each week on lead follow-up.

The good news here is there is a solution. The best real estate CRM will truly make your lead follow-up process more efficient. Agent Legend will allow you to spend less time following up with leads each week, while still improving your lead response rate and quality. 

The Best Real Estate CRM Compared to The Rest

Real estate experts and coaches, like Brandon Mulrenin, have long claimed that most CRMs aren’t worth the time and money. Often real estate professionals just end up losing money using a CRM, rather than making more and saving time. Brandon Mulrenin also points out that on top of money lost, leads often get lost within a CRM too. While Brandon suggests creating your own system, we are here to relieve you of that extra time commitment and pressure as well. There are several reasons why we agree most CRMs aren’t worth it, and several reasons why Agent Legend is the answer.

Ease of Use

Most real estate CRMs are way more complicated than they need to be. There aren’t specialized enough, with too many offerings or the user interface is hard to figure out. This is a common complaint and one of the top reasons people cancel their CRM subscriptions in our industry. If you are spending the money for your business, it has to be worth it. Right?

We think so. Agent Legend specializes in lead management and follow-up specifically. By focusing in on this high demand area for any real estate business, we have been able to create customized processes that make sense. More importantly they work. Our services are also intuitive and easy to use from day one.

Expert Assistance

Unlike other CRMs, Agent Legend also provides expert concierge guidance in using all of our services. From creating full campaigns to ironing out a specific targeted message, we have professionals available to help you through the process. Stop wasting time guessing or figuring out every tiny detail on your own. We’re here to help.

Notifications vs. Automation

Many of the proclaimed best real estate CRMs out there don’t actually make your work week more efficient. Most are set up to simply organize your leads and send you notifications so that you can then engage with leads manually on your own.

With Agent Legend, you won’t need those irritating notifications going off on your phone daily. Our services allow you to create targeted, automated lead follow-up messages and campaigns. These messages and campaigns are fully customizable. You can update them as often as you would like. Best of all, no leads ever get missed in the process, and you can have more conversations at one time because it is all happening automatically. 


Teams are the priority of most real estate CRMs out there. Agent Legend takes a different approach. Our services work for individuals and teams. Agent Legend makes sense for new real estate professionals and long-time experts in the field. Wherever you are in your career, whether it is just you or a whole team, Agent Legend is customizable to fit your specific needs, growing with you and your career. 

It just makes sense to prioritize lead follow-up when choosing the best real estate CRM for you and your business. 

In his video on CRMs, Brandon Mulrenin says what most real estate professionals already know to be true: “I dont lose listing for following up too much, i lose listings all the time for lack of following up.”

With Agent Legend, you won’t ever miss a lead, and this won’t cost you more time or money. Sign up today and try Agent Legend for up to two weeks completely free. It only takes two minutes to sign up. You’ll quickly see for yourself why we are the best real estate CRM available. 

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See for yourself how Agent Legend will save you time and money, while increasing your lead response rate and quality.

Over 40% of New Real Estate Professionals Struggle with Lead Follow-Up

Over 40% of New Real Estate Professionals Struggle with Lead Follow-Up 

In real estate leads are everything. We'll show you how to make this part of the business easy and less time consuming.

Why Lead Generation Alone Isn't Enough to Succeed

Why Lead Generation Alone Isn't Enough to Succeed

Optimize your lead follow-up process and grow your business exponentially.

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