Going that extra mile is really a big deal in this industry. Research shows that most agents don’t make it in today’s market. This can be attributed to different variables like the economy and location. However, there are two things that will help any agent ride out unexpected circumstances that might crop up.

Strategy and commitment are the two things that protect agents against failure in real estate.

Set Yourself Up for Success Early On

Most agents don’t make it, but you can be the agent that does. Both strategy and commitment require planning and consistency, especially early on. This takes time and energy, however it can actually save you plenty of both in the long run. You’ll spend less time on certain aspects of the business when the right systems have already been put in place and are operating consistently. From there, all you have to do is reevaluate every now and again and make some adjustments.

Most Agents Don’t Make it Without Strategy

Strategy means having a plan. Most agents don’t make it in real estate, because they don’t have a plan in place before they start bringing in leads. You need to know how to track, followup with, and manage those leads first. This ensures that no conversations fall through the cracks. A solid followup strategy and a marketing plan can go a long way in ensuring the long-term viability of your real estate business.

Most Agents Don’t Make it Without Commitment

Commitment means consistency. Working in real estate means your time is yours. It is still in your best interest to set working hours and stick to them. It’s equally essential to consistently show up in online spaces, conferences, and in your community to continuously bring in organic leads within your sphere of influence. This kind of regular commitment to your business will establish your reputation within your local community, bringing in leads regularly even when the economy or market take a down turn.

Show up consistently and with a plan in place and you’ll be way ahead of the game as a real estate professional.

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