According to our State of Leads survey, most real estate professionals spend more than $500 a month on lead generation. The majority spend between $500 and $1000, while some (more than 10%) spend more than $10,000 a month. The big question: is it worth that money and time spent?

It very well could be. After all, you need leads to close deals. The key factor here is whether or not you have an effective lead follow-up strategy in place to work those leads and make a worthwhile return on your investment. If you don’t have a solid strategy in place, you are likely losing tens of thousands of dollars on lead generation every year.

5 Ways to Make Lead Generation Worth the Money and Time

More money spent isn’t necessarily better. It’s all about strategy. Strategy. Strategy. You could have a batch of 10,000 leads, but if you don’t follow-up with them correctly you might be lucky to close only a handful of deals. Do these 5 things and watch your lead response increase drastically:

1. Follow-Up with Every Single Lead

Lead generation isn’t enough on it’s own. Follow up with every single lead you generate in a timely manner. Don’t leave them waiting for a week or even a full day. With a system like Agent Legend, every single lead will automatically receive a follow-up response. This will give you peace of mind so you can focus on other aspects of your business and personal life, without worrying if leads are falling through the cracks.

Why Lead Generation Alone Isn't Enough

Why Lead Generation Alone Isn't Enough to Succeed

Lead generation is critical, but you also have to stay on top of the follow-up. We'll show you how.

2. Automate and Schedule

You can create text messages, voicemails, and emails within Agent Legend. These follow-ups can be added to campaigns to target specific groups of leads, or individual leads, within a timeframe of your choosing. It’s a win for you and your business in so many ways. Automation and scheduling will save you so much time, while allowing you to have more conversations than you possibly could following up individually on your own.

Survey Shows Most Real Estate Professionals Spend More Than 20 Hours a Week on Lead Follow-Up

Study Shows Real Estate Professionals Spend 20+ Hours a Week on Lead Follow-Up

With Agent Legend you can spend less time on lead follow-up and increase your lead response rate.

3. Stay Consistent

Following up right after the lead generation phase is crucial. So is following up with leads who don’t respond or who you haven’t talked to in awhile. Agent Legend campaigns allow you to schedule follow ups as often as you see fit. Whether that be daily for awhile or even monthly or quarterly. Don’t ever put those leads aside and eventually they will become a client. Forget them and they’ll become someone else’s.

How and When to Re-Engage Old Leads

How and When to Re-engage Old Leads

Don't let your lead list die. Dig out those old leads, dust the list off, and put it to work again today.

4. Be Authentic and Helpful

Create follow-up messages that are true to you as an individual real estate professional. This ultimately means that it is important to sound like you. Also, avoid being to sales forward initially. Begin conversations with how you can serve that particular lead. Do this and you’ll see a huge increase in lead response.

How Authentic Communication Will Help You Make More Sales

How Authentic Communication Will Help You Make More Sales

Stay authentic and you will engage your leads in a deeper level.

5. Use Best Practices

Always used tried and true tactics when creating your follow-up messaging. This will ensure your communication stays not only authentic, but on point and direct too. Agent Legend has guides to help you create the perfect, email, text, and voicemail follow-up messages every time.

How to Write the Perfect Lead Follow-Up Text Message

How to Write a Perfect Lead Follow-Up Text Message

Keep it simple with this easy to follow Agent Legend guide.

Try Agent Legend today, and see your lead generation efforts become more effective than ever. 


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