In a Meet the Legends interview with Agent Legend CEO, Costas Peppas, real estate professional Garrett Brown shared his best practices for using Agent Legend and Zillow Premier Agent together. 

Many real estate professionals use Zillow Premier Agent to generate leads. Agent Legend can help you to convert all of those leads into actual clients. Garrett shared with Costas how he has been able to get a higher lead response rate, and also how he utilized Agent Legend to officially earn a spot as a Best of Zillow agent.

Work Proactively Instead of Reactively

“It’s a volume game. If you chase any lead just for the sake of chasing it you are going to get burned.”

Using Agent Legend is what Garrett refers to as working proactively instead of reactively.

Ultimately, with the customized, automated lead follow-up that Agent Legend provides, real estate professionals can follow up regularly with all leads without losing time. They can then invest more time personally following up with leads who are ready and interested to start working together right away.

Since starting with Agent Legend, Garrett has increased his ad spend budget with Zillow Premier Agent, because he can not only handle more leads, but he is getting higher quality response rates. His business is growing substantially. For a more in-depth look at Zillow Premier Agent and all of its features, go through Zillow Premier Agent Review. 

Garrett’s Tips for Using Agent Legend with Zillow Premier Agent

Because he could schedule authentic messaging to his leads in advance, Garrett was able to stay engaged with leads without spending more time to do so. When Zillow sent out survey’s to leads, Garrett was already top of mind, because he did the following using Agent Legend systems:

  • Create campaigns to engage with leads every few weeks
  • Customized messages to leads with references to specific homes and services they had previously inquired about
  • Included a Call to Action in all of his messages, either as an invitation to reach out to him directly or with a specific question
  • Regularly updated messages to make sure they are timely, specific, and written in his own authentic voice

To be named a Best of Zillow agent, Zillow Premier Agent users have to get a 90% or better approval response from surveys sent out to leads. Garrett said that he kept getting close, but using Agent Legend’s automated lead follow-up campaigns made all the difference in reaching this goal.

While the Best of Zillow badge has increased his expert status in his sphere of influence, Agent Legend has benefited Garret with his Zillow Premier Agent leads in other ways as well. Since starting with Agent Legend, Garrett:

  • Increased his Zillow Premier Agent budget, because he can now handle and convert the leads he generates
  • Has more control over who he works with and where his time is spent
  • Authentically communicates with all leads, while saving time on lead follow-up
  • Never misses out on leads, and never spends time working leads that aren’t going to pay off in the long run

Learn more about using Agent Legend for Zillow Premier Agents from Garrett Brown:

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Most Real Estate Professionals Spend More Than You Might Think on Lead Generation

How Much do Most Real Estate Professionals Spend on Lead Generation? You Might Be Surprised.

Make sure your investment in lead generation is paying off with actual conversion.

Did you know that Over 40% of Realtors and Brokers Struggle with Lead Follow Up?

Over 40% of New Real Estate Professionals Struggle with Lead Follow-Up 

Agent Legend can fix all of your lead follow-up problems with systems and automation specific to you and your business.

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