As a real estate agent or mortgage broker, you know your time is valuable. There are never ending to-do lists and leads to follow up with, meaning hacks specific to real estate productivity can make a huge impact on your business. There are steps to take first, of course, and then things you can do to keep the momentum going.

Our State of Leads survey made it clear that most real estate professionals spend way too much time in certain areas of the business, while neglecting others that are just as important. Implement these hacks this year to start working more efficiently. You won’t regret it.

Real Estate Productivity Tips

1. Keep Learning

The real estate industry is constantly changing. On top of that there are so many areas you can specialize in within this field. You don’t have to do just one thing your entire career. Staying on top of what is happening and learning new skills that will benefit you down the road is crucial.

Schedule time each week for learning. This can include reading articles or taking classes. If you schedule learning time weekly, you won’t be bombarded with it when learning something new becomes an absolute necessity. Better yet, you will be more prepared to adapt to the constant changes within the industry.

2. Use Social Wisely

These days, social media is a must for real estate professionals. You want to go where your potential leads already are, and it’s no secret that social media is in fact where they are.

The key here is to schedule your social media posts and to spend a set amount of time each day using it yourself. If you don’t put these boundaries in place, you’ll either end up spending way too much of your time on social media or not enough.

3. Automate Lead Follow-Up

Lead follow-up is just as, if not more, important than lead generation. You have to be having conversations to get business in real estate. But you also don’t want to spend ALL of your time doing this and nothing else. The time spent on lead follow-up is actually the top complaint we received from real estate professionals when we conducted our State of Leads survey.

By automating your lead follow-up you will save more time and and be able to have more conversations than you would without the automation in place. Agent Legend now offers 14 days free when you sign up for any of our services. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying it out.

4. Prioritize People

Conversations with quality leads should be top priority. Set the right amount of time aside for this each week. The focus should be on the leads that have shown concrete interest and are ready to buy or sell. Giving these leads your undivided attention and care will result in closed deals. You can easily automate your conversations with leads who haven’t yet reached this stage.

Prioritizing these leads will likely also result in return business and referrals down the line. Basically, this is where you have the most to gain, so don’t take any time away from this piece of the puzzle. Schedule your meetings in advance and work everything else around them.

5. Know your Strengths

Lean into the areas of the business that you are best at and that interest you the most. Outsource, automate, or get help with the things that you aren’t good at, and especially the things you really don’t enjoy doing. This will ensure that things are done well. It will also save you a lot of time too, as most of us tend to procrastinate when we know we have to do something we are dreading.

6. Segment Your Day

Real estate professionals often wear many hats within their business. This is true whether or not you are working a one-person operation or within a team environment. A lot needs to get done every day, week, month, and year in this industry.

Segmenting your day is a great way to give projects your undivided attention and to prevent feeling like you are multi-tasking all of the time. Ultimately this will result in higher quality work. Maybe spend the first hour of the day catching up on emails, then another two hours on social media scheduling and marketing planning. Whatever works for you.

7. Delegate Tasks

Let others help pick up the slack. While real estate professionals do many jobs within their business, you don’t have to do it all on your own. You can hire interns or an assistant to answer emails or help with other administrative tasks. If hiring isn’t an option, there are many services our there for real estate professionals to automate and simplify mundane tasks, including lead follow-up, meeting scheduling, and task management.

8. Work with a Coach

Working with a coach might sound like just one more thing to add to your daily to-do list, but hear us out. A coach can often be the ticket to unlocking issues and solving long-term problems within your business. Maybe some of those problems are things you have been grappling with for months, while others are things you haven’t even noticed yet. Either way, the insight from a coach can save you so much time in the long run. This might even be the absolute best real estate productivity hack you can invest in this year.

9. Plan Ahead to Maintain Real Estate Productivity

This probably sounds like a no brainer, but it’s something we all probably need to be reminded of now and again. When we get busy it can be really easy to start skipping this crucial step. Keep a calendar and make to-do lists. We even recommend doing so on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis. Keep this updated and you won’t fail to achieve the most critical tasks. This sort of planning ahead can make chipping away at large tasks that much easier as well.

10. Turn off Your Phone

Eliminate distractions when you are working. If you have segmented your day as we previously advised, then the next real estate productivity hack you need to implement is turning that phone off. It’s the biggest distraction we all have. Even a few minutes can shift your mind outside of the project at hand. Those minutes also add up quickly into hours an even days after a year has gone by. Spend them wisely. And if you have lead automation already set up, you don’t have to worry about missing any leads while you are working on other things.

11. Stick to Set Hours

Last of all, don’t forget to make time for yourself and your loved ones. The easiest way to make sure this happens is to set and stick to working hours as much as possible. If you work too much, you can quickly get run down and like a lot of things it will cost you in the long run. So spend some time with the family. Go on vacation. Take the weekend off. You deserve it and your business will be better for it.

Whether you are new to the business or have been around for decades, it’s never a bad idea to check in on the way you run your business day-to-day. Things are always changing, and one great way to ensure you stay on top of the game is to keep learning and adapting.

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