Mortgage leads are one of the most important elements of a Lender’s business. When you can generate dozens or even hundreds of qualified leads in short order, it makes your job that much easier. In this post, we'll explore the best ways to generate mortgage leads effectively and quickly so you can sell more property and earn more revenue in your business.

What are Mortgage Leads?

Mortgage leads are potential customers that have expressed an interest in purchasing a home or refinancing their current mortgage. These leads can be generated through a variety of methods, including online advertising, direct mail, and telemarketing.

The advantage of generating mortgage leads is that you are able to pre-qualify potential customers before they even speak to a lender. This allows you to focus your time on only those customers who are likely to close on a home.

What is mortgage lead generation?

Mortgage lead generation is the process of finding potential borrowers for a mortgage. Mortgage lenders use a variety of methods to generate leads, including advertising, mailing lists, and the internet.

How to generate mortgage leads

There are a number of ways to generate mortgage leads, but the most common method is through online advertising. i.e. When someone clicks on an ad, they are taken to a landing page where they can provide their contact information. From there, the lead can be passed along to a lender or sales agent for follow-up.

Mortgage lenders and real estate agents can place ads on websites that people visit frequently. The trick is to design an ad that will attract potential borrowers who are interested in obtaining a mortgage. This is not always an easy thing to do.

5 Strategies for Generating Mortgage Leads Effectively

Online advertising is not the only means of generating mortgage leads. And, it's important to note that not all mortgage leads are created equal. That said, if you're looking for mortgage lead generation ideas, we have five that will be more likely to yield qualified leads.

1. Use content marketing through your website

Generating mortgage leads through content marketing can seem daunting, but it's a great way to attract potential customers to your website. You can start by creating blog posts and articles that focus on topics related to mortgages. Be sure to use keywords in your content that people are likely to use when searching for information about mortgages.


You can also create infographics and videos that discuss various aspects of mortgages. By creating valuable content, you'll not only generate leads, but you'll also help educate potential customers about the real estate process.

2. Showcase your specialty

When you're looking for a new way to generate mortgage leads, it's time to start showcasing your specialty. By highlighting the things that make you different and better than other real estate agents, you can attract more customers who are looking for a home that meets their specific needs.

While one way to do this is by creating targeted content on your website and blog, another is to start guest podcasting and guest blogging on other people's websites. Your content can focus on the unique products and services that you offer, as well as the benefits of working with a specialist like you. By setting yourself up as a subject matter expert, you can share valuable information with your ideal audience and indirectly reach out to potential buyers who may not have considered purchasing a new property before.

If you take the time to showcase your specialty, you'll be able to attract more qualified leads and close more property sales.

3. Leverage social media


Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, when used correctly, can be used to reach new potential customers. One way to use social media is to create a page or group specifically for mortgage education. You can make it a resource for potential customers with repurposed content from your website, as well as a place for real estate professionals to post updates about new products and services.

Another way to leverage social media is by using it for paid advertising. Ads can be hyper-targeted to specific demographics, including people who are in the market for a mortgage.

4. List yourself in the local market

You might be wondering, what does listing yourself in the local market have to do with how to generate mortgage leads? Isn't it just another form of paid advertising? Yes, and no. Specifically, listing yourself in the local market means listing your information in local directories, online search engines such as Google business pages, your community paper, even in chamber of commerce directories. Sometimes this will require paying for a listing, but in some cases, it's just a matter of making a phone call or sending an email and asking to be added to the listings.

5. Promote your business through community networks

Promoting your business through community networks goes far beyond networking with other real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and lending companies. It can also mean participating in local events and fundraisers, sponsoring local sporting teams, and even hosting events of your own. The key is to actively promote yourself in any way, shape or form you can think of. The simple fact is, you never know where your next mortgage lead will come from.


What to Do With Mortgage Leads Once You Have Them

As you start actively promoting yourself and your business, you may find yourself looking for a solution for mortgage leads - namely in how to sort them. Enter Agent Legend, your automated lead follow up system that feels personal without sacrificing your time or energy. Imagine being able to send a personalized message to every lead that comes through the pipeline automatically. This is just the beginning of what Agent Legend can do for you. Learn more about all the features Agent Legend has to offer, and get started for free today.

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