Your real estate sphere of influence consists of many people you know from other facets of life. Or possibly, if you have been using marketing and social media strategies, it might also consist of individuals who follow your work online. Regardless, this group (your SOI) is a large pool of potential leads who will hopefully become clients. 

Long-term relationships with these individuals is ideal, so you definitely don’t want to to come across as pushy or like their only value to you rests solely upon making a sale. The question for many real estate professionals is: how do you actually convert your real estate sphere of influence without pushing them away? It’s all about staying authentic and being helpful, as real estate coach Ricky Carruth advises.

Top Tips to Convert Your Real Estate Sphere of Influence 

  • Stay in Touch Regularly – Send out a weekly or monthly email to keep in touch with everyone in your sphere of influence. This is simple, keeps you in mind, and is also something they can ignore if they want to without any pressure. You can use Agent Legend to set up regular emails so a step like this won’t take up much of your time.
  • Be Confident – This goes for your profession and who you are as an individual. Don’t be shy about what you do or the services you provide. Let people know about your real estate offerings when the right opportunities present themselves, but don’t be afraid to let the conversation move away from that. You never know when a similar hobby or interest might form a solid connection.
  • Update Your SOI Contact Information – Keep your contact information for everyone within your sphere of influence organized. If you are missing someone’s social handles, email, or phone number, reach out and get them. This makes it easier to stay in touch consistently.
  • Ask Questions and Be a Good Listener – Check in with your real estate sphere of influence through messaging or when you see them in person and ask them about their lives. Fine out what they need and what their goals are. Then really listen to what they have to say. These provide you with opportunities to be helpful and to build a stronger relationship with your SOI. Even if the answers you are aren’t related to real estate, you still might be able to help, and they will never forget that. When you are helpful and provide value, you stay top of mind. This will likely translate into a client conversion when the time is right.

Staying engaged, authentic, and helpful, are the keys to converting your real estate sphere of influence to actual clients for your business. Put in the effort consistently and over a long period of time to create a sphere of influence that sustains your business for years to come. You might even make some great friends. It’s a win, win for everyone.

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