There are a lot of people on social media these days. This means that it is the perfect place to generate leads. This also means you have to put real effort in if you want to stand out on social media for real estate specifically. 

Real estate professionals who responded to our State of Leads survey, overwhelmingly said that they use social media for real estate marketing. More than 80% to be specific. The majority also answered that sphere or influence, including social media, accounts for more than 72% of their business’ lead generation.

With so many real estate professionals using social media, the big question is: how do you stand out as a real estate agent in this space and make an impact?  

Social Media for Real Estate: How to Build a Following

1. Start Small

The most important thing when you are new to social media is starting small. Choose one platform and master it before moving on to another. Quality is more valuable than quantity.

With so many options between Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube, how do you choose where to start?

Maybe there is one you are already more familiar with in your personal life. If so, go with that one first for your business. You can also consider what kind of content you already feel most comfortable creating or would be most comfortable learning to create. Writing – Twitter. Photos – Instagram or Facebook. Videos – YouTube.

If that still doesn’t help, consider that most of our survey respondents told us that when using social media for real estate they opt for Facebook. This means there is a lot of engagement there. It also means the saturation is high. So another platform might be a great opportunity to slip in and establish your sphere of influence where that saturation isn’t already so high.

2. Really Participate 

Don’t just show up to make a post then leave. If you want to get noticed, you need to participate in what is happening within real estate on the platforms you are using.

Follow other real estate professionals who have a already developed a niche and audience. Notice what they are talking about and what they aren’t. This can give you great clues as to what you might want to be sharing and talking about. It’s also important to share the work of others, respond to comments, and engage in conversations on the platforms you use. This will help you establish a reputation as an authority in your field.

3. Use All Platform Features 

Getting to know the platforms you are using means learning about all of the features that social platform has to offer. You don’t need to do this all on day one. It can be a work in progress. Things like hashtags and stories, when used appropriately and carefully, can help you build a following.

Don’t forget to comment back and interact with the followers that you do have. Like their posts and share their work when you see something that your following might find useful. The competition can be your friend here in that regard.

Many social platforms like Facebook and Instagram also have the option to pay for ads. This can be a great way to expand your exposure and share your expertise. It would be advisable to get used to the platform and have a steady stream of content on your page before you start doing this, but definitely do it when you are ready. The wider audience you will reach will be well worth it.

4. Prioritize Images

Social media users respond most to images. This means that the image quality and substance that you use, even when the writing is where your message is, matters. If you like taking your own photos, that’s great. This gives you more control creatively and allows you a larger opportunity to be unique. Pay for a class or two if you aren’t already a professional. This is a worthwhile investment. 

If you aren’t a photographer, no worries. There are many websites where you can source high quality, original photographs, including Shutterstock and Twenty20. A strong sphere of influence in real estate requires social media these days. So, investment in quality imagery is more than worth it.

5. Say Something

Knowing what kind of content you want to share is key. There are a lot of things you can cover within the realm of real estate. So what is your expertise or what do you want it to be?

This will help you stay true to sharing information that is useful and engaging for your audience.

A great way to stay focused and on message is to create a content calendar or even a simple list of themes and topics you can easily look through when you are creating content to share on social media.

6. Check Analytics  

All social platforms have analytic resources of some kind. Learn what they are and check them regularly. This information can tell you two things: when to post and who your audience is.

Use analytics as a way to navigate and adjust your content plan for each social channel you use. Schedule your posts to go live during the peak times when you audience has historically been most engaged. Share more content that relates to the things that get the most likes and engagement already. It can really be your best friend for ensuring that your effort is being met with leads and followers.

Nurture your sphere of influence with a presence on social media for real estate specifically. Doing this is sure to result in a higher rate of organic lead generation. You can then organize and follow-up with leads in the most time efficient way possible with the help of Agent Legend. Learn more about our product today.

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