The paradox of the successful real estate agent is ultimately a problem every real estate professional wants to have. It means you are thriving, but don’t be fooled. This issue can cripple a business if not dealt with correctly.

What is this paradox?

There comes a point when a real estate agent has plenty of money to invest in their lead generation, but not enough time to follow up with and convert those leads. 

Follow Up Strategy for the Successful Real Estate Agent

It’s all about automating the follow up strategy in the early stages, so you can spend the time you do have engaging with leads who are ready to convert. Best of all, you don’t have to lose control or authenticity with automation. A good follow up platform like Agent Legend is designed so that leads always feel like they are in direct contact with you.

“Agent Legend chases your leads in your voice and in your personality, exactly the way you would do it, on your best day.” – Costas Peppas, Agent Legend 

Automated follow up strategy allows you to:  

  • Maintain complete control of your process
  • Create authentic messaging
  • Quickly customize campaigns
  • Directly contact and manage leads all in one place  

Start converting all of your leads today. With automation you can expect a 2-3x increase in your lead response rate. Learn more about Agent Legend today. 

Get more tips to convert more leads, faster on the Agent Legend blog.

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