Turn Past Clients into Repeat Clients

Turn Past Clients into Repeat Clients

It’s a real challenge for real estate agents and loan officers to keep relationships with their clients after closing.  If you’ve ever struggled with personal and practical ways to keep in touch with your past clients, then this guide is for you.

Create A Long-term/Nurture Relationship Campaign

Our goal in the outline below is to create a longstanding campaign so that as soon as you close a deal, you still maintain a relationship with your client.

First 30 Days Campaign Goal

  • Congratulate them (again)
  • Share ways they can stay up with their new market
  • Keep it casual and light-hearted

60-130 Days Campaign Goal

  • Remind them that you know all the best home improvement people in their area.
  • Check in with them to see how they’re doing in the new house. Show you care about how they’re settling in.

160 – 210 Days Campaign Goal

  • Connect with them in a unique way. Video is a great way for them to remember you.
  • Share tips for year 1 in a new home
  • Thank them again!

We are here to help!

If you have questions, then contact Agent Legend. We’ll partner with you to help set up a strategic nurture campaign for your leads and past clients.

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