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Automatically send personalized Voice Mails, Text Messages, and Emails without lifting a finger.

Paying Respect to Authenticity

Consumers today can smell a poorly executed “bot” message or drip campaign a server away. Agent Legend set out to directly remedy any trepidation agents may have about using automation with their clients.

The voicemails are your voice, and the text messages and emails are your words.

I walked through the process, and the automation is at no point discernible.

Craig Rowe, Inman

What Top Teams Are Saying

We recently starting utilizing the Agent Legend system and are head over heels in love with it. It has drastically increased our efficiency and allowed us to accomplish a lot more with less time. What makes it super cool is the ability to follow up via a variety of methods including SMS, MMS, phone and email. If you're looking to step up your game, Agent Legend will help get you there!

"Don’t wait. This technology is so powerful."

Dustin Oldfather C.E.O. The Oldfather Group of Ocean Atlantic Sotheby's International Realty

Knowing that we’ve had a 55% response rate with through that platform has been quite frankly, amazing. We know that our conversion from what we are already doing has gone up by 10-15%. That means that 10-15% higher return on all of our current efforts for a platform that’s completely automated.

"This program delivers."

Kevin Smits Broker/Owner Century 21 Gold

Agent Legend has been nothing short of magical for our client engagement. Prior to Agent Legend we relied on our ISA's to follow our client engagement plan and were averaging 21% contact. Unfortunately ISA's are people and they don't always follow even the best laid plans. Automating our client engagement plan within Agent Legend has returned a 43% engagement rate! When you look at increasing your conversion rate, you have to first look at getting in front of people and this program delivers. I think of it as the bulldog of the real estate industry.

"Simply EPIC."

Jay Pitts REMAX Broker/Owner

Agent Legend is simply EPIC. I've tried multiple other services who claim to do what Agent Legend does with disappointing results. The second I turned on Agent Legend my phone started ringing with inbound responses from all of my different lead sources. My team loves it too. We place a high amount of importance on appointment setting and Agent Legend does all the heavy lifting for you. Do yourself and your agents a favor and sign up now.

Speed to the Lead

Instantly reach out to prospects.

If a prospect isn't contacted immediately, he goes cold. But you don't have the time to reach out to every single lead immediately. Let Agent Legend do it for you.

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Continue the Conversation

One message is not enough. If you don't continue to reach out to your prospect, he will go cold.

Agent Legend allows you to send any number of messages according to any schedule. More conversations translate directly into more business.

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Direct to Voice Mail

Leave personalized, recorded messages in your own voice without ever ringing your prospect's phone.

Our direct to voice mail technology completely bypasses the ringer. Prospects will only see a missed call and a new voice mail from you.

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Personalize Your Followups

Include your prospect’s name, the property address he is interested in, and more.

We don't send canned messages. Followups are written in your own words and recorded in your own voice.

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What Agents are Saying

Every single lead I’ve gotten has reached out to me and either called me back, or e-mailed me (or even both!) I’ve got 3 appointments setup tomorrow - it’s amazing and just blowing up!"

Listen To Charlie In His Own Words

"I love this system... it has really changed the way my new leads interact with me! Prospects feel like they know me and that we're old friends! [Agent Legend] has really helped me gain more business and turn around existing business faster."

Listen To Shena In Her Own Words

I respond to every text I get regardless of the time.

This morning I had 4 responses. All about the same time. It was fun handling it from bed, I wasn't ready to get out of bed.

Fun fact… Because I count everything…Of the 46 leads ... I unsubscribed all but 10. And made direct contact with 22 of the prospects.

Now when I don't have time to call all of my leads personally, Agent Legend is doing the work for me and getting potential clients to call and email me when they're ready to talk. After I've texted and emailed someone a few times through the automated system it makes it much easier to turn those potential clients into customers, which means more revenue for me and my team.

Thank you Agent Legend!

Our experience with Agent Legend has been great. The attention to detail and ability to customize the program to fit our needs has been second to none. The clients are responding much faster than most other CRM's we have used, and we are working to convert these leads into dollars in a much more productive way. Just yesterday we met with a client and after showing her a house she said that the reason she used us is because we were the quickest out of many other agents that continue to call her. We now have her locked in as our client. Creating a much higher ROI on our investment is the goal and this is a great way to accomplish that without hiring more staff!

This program has changed the way I do business. I once spent hours a day calling leads. Anyone who has previously made cold calls knows to develop tough skin and get used to getting hung up on. Not only was it time consuming, but it got pretty discouraging on certain days. This program has changed all of that. With Agent Legend, I have multiple campaigns set up for different clients. Whether it be from Zillow/Trulia, my open house leads, or even old leads that no one else wanted. I input them in the system and they are automatically contacted and continuously followed up on for days to come. I’ve only had this program for 3 months, but I’ve had countless of old, “dead” leads resurface and I’ve been able to convert them into clients. The best part is the time I save. No longer am I confined to a desk making call after call. Now I can spend my time growing other aspects of my business all while continuing to follow up with my potential clients. This product is absolutely amazing and if I could only have one program to use in my business, this would be it. It’s a game changer.

Agent Legend has improved our Team environment by 300-400%, Our clients appreciate how fast we take action with a Voicemail, Text, and email all within seconds! Costas and the entire Agent Legend team share the same passion and focus on creating an awesome home buying experience for each and every client we serve. They have been great partners and looking forward to many more years of success together!

Let Agent Legend chase your prospects, so you can close more deals.