Agent Legend talked to Robert Mahaffey, a real estate coach and the President of 3rd Street Financial. Robert found success, receiving 10 solid leads after just one week of using Agent Legend. He has shared with us what he learned about optimizing outreach efforts to reach potential clients.

3 Rules for Optimizing Outreach to Potential Clients

Outreach is essential for generating consistent business in the real estate market. Whether you are providing loans or selling homes, you want to provide your community with as much contact as possible. These opportunities allow them to learn about your business and how you can help them in the future.

1. Consistency

Before using Agent Legend, Robert was already committed to reaching out to his contacts regularly. He recognizes the importance of making himself visible to past clients, all connections, and to potential clients he hasn’t met yet. If you are reaching out regularly then consistent and useful contact will keep you in mind when someone is ready to buy or sell a home. They won’t have to go looking for help, they will already know where to find it.

“People are out there looking and the fact that we are the ones getting to them makes them respond,” said Robert.

Picking the Right Tools to Build Your Business

Picking the Right Real Estate Tools to Build Your Business

Listen to Agent Legend CEO, Costas Peppas, as he describes how easy it is to integrate your real estate software, CRMs, and lead generation tools into Agent Legend.

2. Consolidation

It takes time to consistently reach out authentically to contacts about your business. With authenticity and consistency being keys to success here, it helps a lot to consolidate your efforts in any way possible. With Agent Legend you will save time optimizing outreach efforts. You can send multiple customized messages in the form of voicemail, texts, or emails.

Before using Agent Legend, Robert was spending hours and even weekends just sending messages to his contacts, leaving him little to no time to respond effectively. Once he started using our campaigns, he found that he now had time to reach out and give attention to anyone showing interest. After using Agent Legend for only a week Robert received 10 completed loan application, which he describes as a phenomenal response to his campaigns so far.

“I was looking at this to figure out a way for me not to have to put as much effort in…(and to still) put mass amounts of business into the pipeline.”

3. Pacing

Robert also mentioned that he appreciated the Agent Legend team helping him to pace his outreach effectively. We advised him to limit his messages to contacts to a set amount per day. This allowed him even more time to respond effectively to interested clients, resulting in more individuals actually filling out loan applications.

The goal is not only more leads, but leads that turn into actual sales. The Agent Legend team who helped Robert make that happen can help you make it happen too.

Watch the full interview with Robert Mahaffey for more insight on his strategy to improve your own real estate lead responses.

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