Meet Charles Robbins, a real estate agent, coach, and property manager in Wisconsin. Using Agent Legend Charles found innovative ways to increase real estate lead responses and he was kind enough to talk with us about his experience.

Increase Real Estate Lead Responses

Charles’ strategy focuses on listening to customers and asking the right questions, which generates consistent and effective real estate lead responses over time. Use these methods to spend more of your time responding directly to leads with the most interest.

1. Set Goals

Charles shared with us that he has a goal of generating 25 to 40 transactions per year.

Agent Legend helps him do this by integrating all of his leads into personalized automated campaigns. Knowing what his yearly goals are ahead of time allows him to build campaigns that drive the specific results he is after. Best of all, he isn’t only saving a lot of time doing it this way, he is also saving money. Prior to using Agent Legend, Charles was spending over $40k a year with an ISA. This was generating too much of the wrong business and it wasn’t helping him.

Since he started using Agent Legend’s automated campaigns, Charles has seen a response rate of up to 68%. This has been a drastic improvement in lead quality for his real estate business.

2. Be Consistent

“I never had a response rate that high even with me calling the leads directly,” said Charles. This is because Agent Legend allows you to send your leads customized voicemails, texts, videos, and emails as often as you would like to.

Charles runs his campaigns on 7 – 10 day cycles, saying that some agents just don’t follow up with leads enough. Automating the process allows you as an agent to stay on a lead’s radar during the period when they have the most interest–which is typically right after they contact you.

Some potential clients will prefer to be contacted by phone, while others might prefer email or a text message. By sending multiple messages a day in different ways, you are more likely to connect with a lead “using their love language,” as Charles describes it. When a lead is contacted through their preferred method of communicating they are far more likely to respond.

3. Stay Authentic

When you create a campaign in Agent Legend, you can customize each message so that it is authentic. A potential client will never know the message is automated because it is written in your specific voice and style.

Charles shared with us that he keeps his messages short and to the point. He also likes to include emojis and video texts to introduce himself, and does his best to keep the message specific to what the lead originally contacted him about.

4. Sort Your Leads

With Agent Legend you can sort your leads into different campaigns. This will increase real estate lead responses by only sending leads information specific to what they are looking for, which in turn increases the chances that they will connect with you.

Charles noted that he doesn’t “want to be the cat chasing the mouse, I want to be the mouse!” Which is exactly what Agent Legend helps you as an agent to achieve. Charles separates his leads into categories based on what they share with him when they reach out. Leads who are interested in buying within 30 – 60 days are grouped together, then leads interested in buying within 60 – 90 days, and finally leads interested in buying within 90+ days.

These groupings allow him to send messages and connect with leads more or less frequently depending on what they are looking for. This way someone hoping to look for a home within a year won’t be bombarded with messages. And someone who is looking immediately will get fast contact.

Watch the full interview with Charles Robbins for more insight on his strategy to improve your own real estate lead responses.

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