Due to time and resources available, most real estate professionals focus most of their energy on the most engaged leads. This makes sense in theory, because those are the leads that are most likely to convert. However, all of your leads are important and essential to your business. A high contact rate with frequent follow up to all leads is essential to creating a healthy real estate lead conversion strategy. 

Better yet, you can make this happen without sacrificing more of your time and energy. The right lead follow up strategy will open up more opportunities for your real estate business down the road, which is ultimately just as important as closing a deal with a hot lead tomorrow.

3 Ways to Ensure High Real Estate Lead Conversion

Integrating top real estate CRMs and tools to work together in once place is a game changer for staying on top of lead follow up. Equally important are strong follow up campaigns and automatically nurturing your leads.


There are a lot of really incredible tools for real estate professionals out there. Some real estate platforms do several things, while others, like Agent Legend focus on one aspect of the real estate business. By focusing on what we know best, we can provide you with expert knowledge and the best resources available. This is why, rather than opting for a real estate CRM that provides multiple services, integrating several platforms that prioritize expertise in one area is more beneficial. Integrations allow you to have the best of everything.

You can continue to benefit from top lead generation CRMs for example by integrating those tools and the leads you gain there into Agent Legend. This way you still benefit from the other resources, while getting to use the best lead follow up strategy tools available. Better yet, you can manage all of your leads from every source in one place.

Campaigns that Increase Real Estate Lead Conversion 

Campaigns and follow up strategy are at the heart of real estate lead conversion. By planning out your lead follow up strategy in advance, you save time and make more money long-term.

So what does this mean, really? It means sorting your leads so that you can target them with specific, authentic follow up messaging that they will actually read and engage with. It also means not letting any of your leads go cold, and following up with all leads regularly depending on their preferences and needs. Agent Legend provides campaign templates that you can easily use to make this happen.

Auto Nurture

Instead of allowing any leads to “go cold,” you can use an auto nurture method. Agent Legend has one built into the platform, allowing you to record one voicemail message for those leads. We take care of the rest. This essentially means that no leads get neglected, and even leads who don’t respond will continue to have some contact from you unless they express to you that they are no longer interested.

This is important because most irregular sales are made after a lead has been contacted five or more times according to some studies. So regular contact is essential, and will definitely pay off to increase your real estate lead conversion rates in the long run.

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