If you've been trying to find a way to speed up your real estate sales, you're in luck! There are many ways to have a healthy stream of real estate leads coming your way, even if you're new to the game. Even better, you can automate these methods with the right know-how and a good system in place. 

As with any industry, automation in real estate is crucial if you want more deals closed while simultaneously cutting down on the time it takes for each lead interaction period to result in a sale. The sooner these qualified leads enter and successfully navigate through your funnel, the better off you will be!

Below, we'll cover five channels to utilize lead automation to help increase your sales.

1. Social Media Marketing

You'd be surprised how many real estate agents are still using old-fashioned marketing strategies. Gone are the days of attracting your ideal customers with expensive flyers and mass mailings! So many prospects are on social media now, and that includes most of the people you're trying to target with your real estate business.

Utilizing social media is one of the fastest ways to get leads, and when you combine it with automation, more qualified leads will come your way.


Social media marketing can be broken down into a couple of essential steps:

  • First, find out where your target market is hanging out online - check all the usual places like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. These are the big ones, but businesses can also utilize many other social platforms to increase their sales.
  • Set up your automated posts - create a series of posts that you will rotate while scheduling them to go out on the appropriate days and time frames.
  • Determine what types of posts work best for your audience - this is going to be based on your target market and how they interact with media outlets, so spend some time studying up on the best types of posts that attract your audience.
  • Use analytics to figure out what's working and what isn't - take note of which sets of posts are getting the most attention, then use this knowledge to improve your strategy in the future.
  • Give people a call to action with most of your posts - you need to give them a reason to do something. Whether it's to comment, click on a link, or sign up for your email list–your call to action is crucial. Then, the automation will take over from there without any work on your end!

2. Email Marketing

Email marketing is another popular way real estate agents can get leads because it's a tried and true method. From coming up with a lead magnet that you can use to collect email addresses to setting up the automated emails that will go out, your business can get started with this marketing channel right away. Here’s a suggested workflow you can use:

  • Come up with a lead magnet - This could be something like a downloadable guide or an ebook that you give away in exchange for your prospect's email address and name.
  • Create two different follow-up emails - make one automated follow-up along with another one (like an autoresponder) to send out after a set amount of time.
  • Set up your automated email - whether through Mailchimp, AWeber, SendX, or something similar. Having your emails go out consistently and on schedule helps people recognize you as an authority figure in real estate.
  • Tag subscribers based on their actions and move them through your funnel - it's essential to track their engagement and use that information to get more qualified leads.

Send the people who engage with you more down your sales funnel while moving those who don't through a separate list or tag them as "disqualified" so you can keep them on a different drip campaign or newsletter.

3. Website Content

Every real estate agent needs to have a website, and if you’re part of a larger team, you need your own page at the very least. While often thought of as just listing houses for sale, websites are one of the best ways to collect leads because they're accessible 24/7!

You can also repurpose your content on social media–this is all part of the automation strategy you want to set up with your website. Consider these steps for your website:

  • Setup your automated email list - have various opt-ins on your website or blog, where you collect the email addresses and names of people who want to learn more about listings or your real estate services.


  • Designate a blog portion of your site - this is going to be the place where you post helpful content for people to read. This is also an opportunity to get leads and provide some educational content.
  • Set up your scheduling to post on social media - share your content on various social media networks so that it gets seen by a larger audience, and you can get more leads from posting it there.
  • Send emails to people based on their interests - you can use the information you've collected from your lead capture forms on your site. Make use of analytics to figure out what they are most interested in so that you can send them more of that type of content.

4. Landing Pages

Setting up landing pages either on your site, or via a platform such as LeadPages to collect information is a helpful marketing channel because it puts you in the right place at the right time for potential customers. Here is a suggested workflow utilizing landing pages:

  • Create a simple page - make sure you use a landing page creator so that people who land on your site will know what you're offering right away, and they can opt-in to get more information.
  • Put the conversion goal front and center - whether it's one of your lead magnets, a call to action (like an ad), or some other kind of opt-in, make sure that your conversion goal is always front and center on your landing pages.
  • Track the analytics - like with anything else in this article, you're going to want to track the information from your landing pages so that you can optimize for more conversions in the future.

5. Content Marketing

Content marketing is a great way to generate more leads for your real estate business because it's educational and gives potential clients an idea of how you work with people, what kinds of problems you solve, and who you are as a person. Consider using these ideas to garner leads using content:

  • Update your website with relevant content - this will be the most common and one of the most effective ways to use content marketing for your real estate business.


  • Plan out infographics - one great way to attract leads with content marketing is through infographics.
  • Repurpose blog posts - there are all kinds of ways that you can repurpose blog posts so that they get seen by an even bigger audience across social media.
  • Partner with influencers to promote content - another way you can attract leads with content marketing is by partnering up with other big names in the real estate industry who have an even larger footprint than you do online.
  • Record video content for YouTube - videos are one of the best ways to get leads because they're so much more memorable than other kinds of content.

Speed Up Your Sales With Automation

There are many different ways to speed up your sales with content, social media, and online marketing channels. The more automated you can make things with your website and all the different online channels, the better your real estate lead generation will be in terms of time saved and new opportunities created.

Using these various channels allows you to create more points of engagement for your leads, allowing you to sift through leads faster and put more attention towards prospects that have a higher likelihood of converting.

Agent Legend allows you to track your leads across various channels so that you can see when they need to move down the funnel of your different marketing campaigns. With our software, you can also manage your automation to track your leads automatically across channels and manage different groups of leads with ease.

Agent Legend will save you a significant amount of time that you would have otherwise used to track your leads manually. But don’t take our word for it. Try it out for yourself. Try Agent Legend for free today!

Guide to Lead Automation Across The Lead-Lifecycle

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