Our newest integration partner is here! Say hello to BoomTown.

BoomTown brings together world-class lead generation, CRM software, real estate websites, and mobile app technology, so you can close more deals.

With the new Boomtown + Agent Legend integration, you’ll be able to seamlessly use both platforms together and eliminate any need for double entry between our two systems.

Here’s what you’ll enjoy:

  • Import new contacts automatically from BoomTown into Agent Legend
  • Agent Legend instantly updates BoomTown contact notes every time there is a communication
  • Automatically stop your BoomTown Drips if a lead responds through Agent Legend
  • Stop your Agent Legend campaigns when a contact responds in BoomTown

Our integration is easy and seamless. Finally, all activity from Agent Legend is automatically logged inside your BoomTown account and your campaigns/drips are in perfect synchronization.

If you’re currently a BoomTown user just visit your integration settings in order to turn the integration on.

Interesting learning more about BoomTown? Request a demo.

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