With so many businesses out there competing for the same real estate leads, you are likely to waste or lose a substantial portion of them. 

Losing a few leads won’t be the end of the world, but losing a handful of leads everyday, over a long period of time - that’s certainly a different story. It’s a serious problem for the real estate agent that wants to be a legend in their business. After all, with less leads, there’s less opportunity for lead conversion and overall business success.

We’ve got you covered. In this post, we’ll cover the five best lead conversion tips for real estate agents to get more sales.

1. Immediate First Contact With Quick Planning

Did you know that 71% of online leads go cold if agents don’t respond fast enough? Online leads love convenience, and today’s consumer culture prefers not having to wait around. With the “I need it now!” mindset, and short attention span of the average buyer/seller, lead conversion is tied directly to how fast agents respond.

Establish a strategy where the first contact with a lead occurs immediately. As soon as a lead fills out a form, messages you on social media, or signs up for your newsletter, you should instantly connect with them in some fashion.


Either have an agent on standby who’s ready to connect with new leads, or utilize automated lead contact tools such as those available within Agent Legend. Getting on a call with a lead is ideally the best. However, text messages, email correspondence, and even automated voice memos are far better for lead conversions than not contacting them at all.

2. Capture and Maintain Lead Interest

The 10 days following the first contact are important, and will require the most time and energy from your agents. Why? As time progresses, lead interest will decrease. 

This 10-day window is critical to grabbing lead attention and reminding them that you’re ready to help them with the next steps. During this “hot” phase, leads are more likely to respond and interact with your agents.

Make every effort to call, text, or leave a voicemail for your lead. Ask open ended questions, provide meaningful statistics, and do whatever else it takes to capture and maintain their interest.

This is a high touchpoint and aggressive process that works, but may require extra time. Luckily, Agent Legend helps to streamline your contact experience with your leads.

Of course, if a lead shows repeated signs of not being ready for the next step, back off and focus on more willing leads.

3. Leverage Helpful Content

As the old saying goes, content is king. But, perhaps the better phrase is helpful content is king. While you can leverage lead magnets such as blogs, eBooks, whitepapers, newsletters, etc… to increase conversions, it’s just as important that you make sure the content is accurate and helpful to your audience. No one wants to read a blog that’s riddled with shameless promotion, outdated information, and lacking any real substance.


How does helpful content benefit your lead conversions? For one, the use of helpful lead magnets assists to gather more pertinent lead information you may need to cater your offerings. These days, leads don’t want to just give away their information. Instead, they want to see equal value. Offering exclusive guides or newsletters in exchange for the more detailed information you need to work with a lead will give you better results than just taking data and not giving back any real value.

Secondly, the repeated production of helpful content cements your business as an industry thought leader. Leads are more attracted to experts and professionals when compared to businesses who make it seem as though they are solely attracted to closing deals. While that is the end game, making the sale is a delicate balancing act.

4. Design and Execute Drip Campaigns

Drip campaigns are excellent for building up a lead’s interest from first point of contact to final sale/purchase. Even if leads are not ready to convert, you don’t have to wait around until they change their minds. 

What exactly are drip campaigns? Simply put, drip campaigns are automated email campaigns that are sent to your leads “drop by drop.” Emails within a drip campaign typically inspire and/or keep leads interested in your services, all the way till they are ready to buy.

Again, avoid email content that’s just full of pitches and promotions. Be a resource to your leads, and they’ll be more likely to pay you back in kind. 

The automation aspect of drip campaigns will also save you and your team time. With this extra time, you may choose to focus on other lead conversion aspects (e.g. content generation, fine-tuning lead processes, etc.).

5. Nurture Differently Based On Lead Type

Like all lead conversions, real estate lead conversions are built on the principle of relationships. A single lead nurturing strategy is doomed to fail because leads are all different. A lead strategy might work for A-leads but backfire completely for B-leads. The personalization that comes with multiple nurturing strategies form stronger relationships, and thus, produces better lead conversions. 

To start, devise a short term nurture strategy for A-leads, a mid-term nurture strategy for B-leads, and a long-term nurture strategy for C-leads (and so forth).


Agent Legend: Real Estate’s Automated Ally

As we’ve mentioned, being fast is everything when it comes to real estate lead conversions. The question is, how can you respond instantly without needing to sit by your telephone or computer 24/7? Enter Agent Legend. The Real Estate’s Automated Ally.

Our software makes instant interactions and follow-ups possible automatically. Imagine being able to create all of your email content, text messages, templates and more once, and use them over and over again without ever lacking the personalized touch that your leads expect. 

Agent Legend is here to automate lead follow up in your voice and personality to create immersive experiences that all but guarantee improved conversion rates. Want to see what we can do for you? We’re eager to help make you a legend in real estate. Click here to get started for free.

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