Features & Benefits

Automated Marketing

You may not be able to follow up with every single prospect, but Agent Legend can. We reach out to all of your prospects automatically.

Multi-Channel Followups

Different prospects prefer different communication channels. Multiple channels maximize response rates.

  •  Voice Mail
  •  SMS Text Messages
  •  Email

Direct to Voice Mail

Our voice mail technology bypasses the prospect’s phone ringer. The result is a missed call with an authentic voice message from you.

Personalized Followups

Every followup is personal and from you. Emails can include your signature and picture. Voice mails are recordings of your own voice.

Merge Fields

Information about the prospect including name and property address is automatically inserted into your followups.

Followup Scheduling

Followups can be scheduled so that once a prospect comes into the system communications go out

  •  immediately
  •  after some delay
  •  on a later day at any time you want

Cutoff Hours

You probably wouldn't try to call a prospect in the middle of the night, so neither will Agent Legend. You can specify your cutoff times so that if a prospect comes in during the middle of the night, Agent Legend will wait until the following morning to follow up.

Automatic Unsubscribe

If a prospect responds to you via Email, SMS, or phone, Agent Legend will automatically unsubscribe him from receiving any more automated followups.

Conversation History

Agent Legend tracks the entire conversation between you and your prospects, a valuable reference when you're about to speak with a prospect.