Building and nourishing a real estate sphere of influence is a crucial step in building a business lasts. A strong sphere of influence will help you stay engaged with potential leads, build lasting relationships with clients, and get referrals from former clients. All of this works to sustain your business with conversations and relationships that result in actual sales.

Real Estate Sphere of Influence 

Who is included within your sphere of influence (SOI)? Everyone you know, and potentially the people that they know too. It’s a network of connections and relationships. Some examples of people within your sphere of influence include:

  • Personal family and friends
  • Local community members
  • Online community members
  • Acquaintances
  • Coworkers
  • Past clients
  • Referrals from anyone you know

Benefits of Maintaining a Sphere of Influence 

Put in the effort to maintain these relationships by staying engaged regularly. This is the key to a sphere of influence that will support our business. Some of the biggest benefits of doing this work, are:

  • Building a supportive community for yourself and your business
  • Getting more clients who are ready to work with you right away
  • Receiving referrals from your SOI
  • Establishing yourself as an expert

These benefits result in regular leads that you don’t have to buy. Better yet, these leads that are far more likely to engage with you and turn into actual clients. A real estate business needs organic leads and relationships to last long-term. 

Staying Engaged with Your Sphere

Regularly keeping in touch with your SOI should be focused on providing value and reminding your sphere of influence that you are available to help them whenever they are ready. It is best to avoid anything that feels pushy or only sales oriented. These are a few of the best ways to stay engaged regularly with your sphere.

  • Send out a monthly newsletter with updates 
  • Provide valuable real estate information in an online group
  • Send out seasonal cards during holidays and on birthdays
  • Post regularly on social media in relation to your business
  • Host special events like a summer barbecue or a holiday party
  • Regularly send out an email with business and market updates

Now that you know who your sphere includes, why it matters, and how to stay engaged, you are ready to get to work. Create a plan and stick to it. You won’t regret the effort you put in now for big returns down the road.

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