As a real estate professional it is inevitable that you will get asked about the state of the current market at some point–likely by someone you have just met. Maybe it’ll be at a party talking to a new acquaintance or involve leads who approach you in a public space like a coffee shop.

Regardless of the situation or how the market comes up specifically, the way you respond will determine whether this lead will become an actual client or not. Don’t waste the opportunity presented. Leads who approach you in public can easily turn into actual clients when you answer in the right way.

Respond to Leads Who Approach You

The two most common questions you will be asked when you connect with a potential client in person include:

  1. How is the real estate market?
  2. Why should I work with you instead of another agent?

The way that you answer both of these questions is important if you want leads who approach you to contact you. This is the difference between a mere connection and actually converting that lead into a client. Consider the following approaches to both questions:

How is the real estate market?

Answer this question by immediately asking your new connection one or two in response. You want to find out what specifically they are interested in (buying, renting, selling or investing), and whether or not they are curious about your local market or the national trends.

By asking these questions up front, you are able to give them specific answers that will further pique their interest. This provides you with the ability to engage with them authentically and personally, which forms a deeper connection. If they are ready to do something quickly, they are far more likely to reach out to you. This is also true for when they are ready further down the road.

Why work with you?

Answering this question on the spot will require a little homework upfront. Make sure you stay up to date on your sales stats in comparison to others in the local market. When you can share this information with a lead quickly they will be reassured of your expertise. This will ensure that you are the agent they contact when they are ready to make a move.

Knowing how to answer both of these questions quickly and comfortably will help you to connect with a potential lead on a more personable level. This is the key to converting that lead into an actual client.

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