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The Most Effective Real Estate Leads and Mortgage Leads of 2020

Is your lead generation process optimized? Could you improve on how you work your leads? What does everyone else do? If you’re a serious real estate or mortgage professional, you probably ask these questions all the time. The deeper questions are, how much improvement should you expect? What’s working for other agents and loan officers? […]

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Introducing the NEW Agent Legend Mobile App

We’re feeling good this fall, rolling out a new interface, improved template library, and now a round of updates to our mobile app that makes calling, texting, and tracking your leads’ progress easier than ever. New App Reveals Everything You Want To Know Before Answering The Phone Contacting leads is now more streamlined with in-app […]

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How To Scale: Know Your Cost Per *Response*

Do you know your cost per response for your high-quality lead lists? There’s no shortage of online debate on whether or not certain lead sources are too expensive.  Most agents have a monthly budget to purchase leads through sources like Zillow,, REDX, and Market Leader just to name a few. As you probably know, […]

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New Dashboard Reports How Much Time You’ve Saved

Outside of the number of new leads you can generate, time saved is a huge factor why people choose to use Agent Legend to automate prospect followups. How much time has Agent Legend saved you? In the new Dashboard, there’s a new widget that shows approximately how much time you have saved over the past […]

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How to Crush Email Personalization: 9 Examples That Work

We reviewed 5 million emails and text messages sent from Agent Legend campaigns. We analyzed the population as a whole and then compared that to the top 500 highest-performing campaigns. It turns out both Agent Legend groups are pretty good at integrating personalization into their campaigns. 17.9% of all Agent Legend sent emails used merge […]

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